3 Meter House Extension: Maximize Your Space

3 meter house extension

Facing storage-related issues is very common among modern homeowners. A family begins with two people in love coming together to make the home of their dreams, and with time, this small family of two extends to welcome more happiness. Living with kids or parents and extended relatives is undoubtedly fun, but that also gives rise to many problems, such as the mess kids make at home and the need for more storage space when the demands for amenities keep increasing. 

The best way of dealing with storage and space-related issues and making your homes look less messy is to consider a house extension service that helps maximize the space of your home. A 3 meter house extension is the single solution to all your complaints and problems. You can create a new bedroom, a more spacious kitchen, an even bigger bathroom, or a large living room with an extension service and let go of space-related worries forever.

Why Consider a 3-Meter House Extension?

If your home is becoming more and more cluttered and you are constantly worrying about where to keep what and are putting great efforts into making your home look clean, it is high time to consider extensions. A 3 meter house extension is your ultimate solution to let go of space-related issues and make the most of your home’s space. But as you know, the house extension cost can be high, depending on the requirements, so is it a worthwhile financial decision? 

3-meter house extensions are definitely worth it, and here are five solid reasons why you should not hesitate anymore:

  • They help you welcome extra living space.
  • You can introduce brand-new kitchen and bathroom ideas and designs.
  • Extensions are much cheaper than buying and shifting to a new home with more space.
  • You have the freedom to personalize the interior with your unique ideas.
  • The budget is in your hands, and you decide where to spend and where not.

A 3-meter extension property in The Hollows, Brentford, London. 

kitchen 3 meter house extension

Benefits of Extending Your Home with Fittra

Fittra is your one-stop solution if you are seeking single-storey, double-storey, detached, or semi-detached house extension services. A leading construction company in West London, Fittra is an NHBC-registered company with strong values for customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality projects. If you want to make a trusted choice and ensure your money does not go to waste, Fittra is the only name you must be looking for. The benefits you get from making Fittra your house extension partner are:

  • Hassle-free expert consultations.
  • Get your project designed with economical packages and uncompromising quality.
  • No worries relating to local codes and regulations.
  • Work with a team of highly skilled professionals comprising designers, engineers, architects, and project managers.
  • Get projects delivered on time with the highest standards. 
3 metre kitchen extension

Understanding 3-Meter House Extensions

Before making that final decision, you must deeply understand what 3-meter house extensions are and how they can benefit your homes that are facing space issues. House extensions are one of the most popular choices among contemporary homeowners these days, and the best part is that these services are affordable. You can design your budget and the features that you want to introduce during extensions. In this way, you save a lot on budget and also your personal touch in every corner. 

What is a 3 Meter House Extension?

One of the most popular types of extensions preferred by modern homeowners is a 3 meter house extension, but what is this extension all about? 3-meter extensions are the extensions that allow you to maximize or create additional space in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and also bathrooms. As the name suggests, these extensions will enable you to add at least three meters of extra space. 

Choosing kitchen 3 meter house extension services from a professional will not drain your finances; instead, they are much more budget-friendly than other renovation services. Therefore, a 3-meter kitchen or house extension offers you the best space solutions without crossing your budget. 

Popular Types of 3 Meter Extensions

3-meter extensions are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners across the UK. The most common types of extensions they demand are: 

  • Kitchen Extensions

A 3 meter kitchen extension can bring massive changes to your narrow and small kitchens. If you have been suffering from a lack of space and storage facilities lately, extending your kitchen by 3 meters can not only offer an enlarged space but also make it more functional. Enclosed kitchens with less or no natural light are of no good, and 3-meter extensions are excellent ways to solve space-related issues and increase storage facilities. 

A 3-bedroom apartment in Coronation Square, London, that has gone through 3-meter kitchen extension recently. 

3 meter house extension in London
  • Bathroom Extensions

Adding 3 meters of extra space into your bathrooms or introducing a brand-new bathroom for the family is an excellent idea as it enhances the value of your property and also elevates your standard of living. After all, who does not love to spend time in extra spacious bathrooms? Bathroom extensions can help you make good impressions when guests arrive or add more privacy to your life with that extra space. 

A newly-extended bathroom in a 2-bedroom duplex flat in Tooting, Wandsworth. 

3 meter house extension in UK
  • Rear Extensions

Most popular among single-storey homeowners, rear house extensions are an incredible way to enhance the look of your homes and add extra space. If you have a large garden or space at the back of your home, you can utilize that extra space to create functional areas like an extended living and dining room or an airy and bright study room. The best part about choosing this type of extension is the rear extension cost, which is marginally low when compared to other home extension types like the side-return or wrap-around.  

Below is a brand-new rear extension property on Aylestone Avenue, London. 

3 meter house extension photo
  • Single-Storey and Double-Storey Extensions

Single and double-storey extensions provide you with a lot of choices when adding space. You can create more bedrooms, make your kitchens and bathrooms more spacious, or create a new spacious and functional area like the living room. Very obviously, a single storey extension cost is much less compared to double-storey house extensions. When compared to single-storey house extensions, double storey extension cost may be much higher, but they add 50 to 75% more value to your property.   

Below is a single-storey house in William Mews, Knightsbridge, that has been extended recently. 

3 meter house extension photo in London
  • Wrap-around Extensions

From the front of your house to the back garden, wrap-around extensions can help add a lot of space all around the house. The extension forms an ‘L shape’ and is mostly the best option for single-storey buildings. 

  • Front House Extensions 

Among 3 meter house extension projects, front-house extensions are pretty common. These extensions help in enhancing the front-side look of your home and make it more luxurious. These extensions not only add extra space to the front area but also upgrade your property’s valuation. The cost of front house extension in the UK varies somewhere between £1,500 to £3,000 per square meter. 

Kitchen 3 Meter House Extensions: Transforming Your Home’s Heart

The heart of your home and the ideal space for the family to come together and share love and laughter along with delicious food, kitchens are more than just a cooking space. They keep families together, strengthen bonds, make a home complete, and add a lot of value to your property. A space with so much significance deserves to be spacious, attractive, airy, and bright. 

With a lack of space, homeowners often make the common mistake of building smaller and narrower kitchens to maximize their dining and living areas. They often make this decision thinking that the least time is spent in the kitchen, so the size and space only matter a little. While in reality, space and size matter the most in kitchens. Spacious kitchens have better air circulation and leave more space for mobility. This is why a 3 metre kitchen extension is an excellent way of introducing more space. 

3 meter house extension photo in UK

Planning Your 3-Meter Extension

The dream of maximizing space in your home begins with a perfect plan. No matter how simple home extensions sound, they are time-consuming processes and require a lot of planning and research as the services are not only expensive but involve constructional changes that often require permissions. From creating a design in which space will be converted and where the space will be maximized to how much time and money you are willing to invest, a lot of other factors must be considered before contacting a construction partner and making that final decision. 

Navigating Planning Permission and Building Regulations

In the UK, making an alteration in your property, building something new, or changing the use of a property requires planning permissions from local authorities. Homeowners must abide by the permitted development rights when making alterations to their property, and failing to do so can lead to unavoidable legal troubles and penalties. It can take a maximum period of 10 weeks to get your planning permission approved, where the decision period can last up to eight weeks, and the validation period can be two weeks. 

The Importance of Professional Guidance in 3-Meter Extensions

Planning a 3 meter house extension project requires professional guidance. Professionals help you in every step, starting from creating a detailed plan for your house extension project to getting your plans approved. Under the advice of a professional, you can choose suitable construction materials, structures, and designs and ensure the changes introduced are of the highest quality. From decision-making to the completion of the project, the professionals make the entire process smoother for you. 

Designing Your 3 Meter House Extension: Tips and Trends

A kitchen 3 meter house extension project gives you various options to introduce functional changes into your homes. From extending the front and rear portions of your property to considering side-return and wrap-around extensions for creating a brand-new look, there are several options available for you. Some of the popular home extension trends among UK homeowners are:

  • Minimalist designs to create clutter-free spaces
  • Open-plan living and kitchens
  • Bi-folding doors 
  • Glass roofs and conservatories to increase the flow of natural light

A few valuable tips that you can apply while planning a 3-meter extension project are:

  • Planning your extension plans ahead
  • Getting a quote from a trusted construction partner
  • Choosing the simplest designs if the budget is a significant issue
  • Opting for cost-effective construction materials like brick and concrete and avoiding expensive ones like stonewood. 

Fittra: Your Partner for a Seamless Extension Project

A leading Construction Company Fittra, can be your seamless partner and guide you in every step for the perfect extension project. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, Fittra has been guiding residential and commercial property owners in making their renovation and extension dreams come true. With a primary focus on quality, the company aims to deliver end-to-end solutions to its clients at the highest competitive prices. If you are seeking a reliable name in West London, Fittra is your ideal choice. 

Why Choose Fittra for Your 3-Meter House Extension?

If you have higher expectations but are looking for budget-friendly projects, Fittra can help you with that. Your ideal extension and renovation partner, Fittra, can offer you the best 3-meter house extension ideas and help you plan a perfect project for your home. 

Our Comprehensive Services: From Concept to Completion

Once you contact Fittra, you can leave the entire process, from concept to project completion, to the experts. The team of architects, designers, engineers, and project managers understand and discuss your house extension needs and convert them into real-life projects that meet high standards. From site discussions to project managers executing your extension projects, everything in Fittra happens through a straightforward step-by-step process. 

The Fittra Advantage: Quality, Experience, and Competitive Pricing

Fittra’s commitment to high-quality results and competitive pricing is what makes the company stand out. From hassle-free consultations and economical packages to project deliveries on time with uncompromising quality, Fittra is your most trusted choice. 

Budgeting for Your Extension

Undoubtedly, the budget is an integral part of your house extension project. Without proper estimations and an idea of where to spend and what to avoid, it is impossible to proceed with an extension project. Every penny invested in your home extension project counts, so it is essential to do a lot of research, have a detailed extension plan designed, and discuss costs with your construction partner before beginning with the project. 

Estimating Costs: A Comprehensive Overview

Adding that extra space into your home sure comes with some expenses, but you don’t always need a lump-sum budget for that. If you can make accurate calculations and try various cost-effective measures, you can complete a 3 meter house extension project without worrying much about the funds. Therefore, estimating costs is crucial. 

Cost estimations can be done solely by you or with the help of your construction partner. While estimating extension costs, you must consider all the vital factors like labor costs, the materials chosen, electric and plumbing expenses, and so on. You must also prioritize your extension needs and compare market prices before finalizing the budget. 

How to Allocate Your Budget Effectively

Making the right calculations and creating an accurate estimate of the budget is very important for a house extension project. However, the question is how to allocate the budget effectively while avoiding miscalculations. Sometimes, even after making accurate calculations, it becomes challenging to stick to the budget because of the unforeseen costs that arise unexpectedly. The key to evaluating a realistic budget depends on the following factors:

  • Prioritizing your needs and then creating a detailed plan.
  • Being sure of what you want and what you don’t, a sudden change of plans can cause the budget to increase. 
  • Doing good research on construction partners, current rates of construction materials, market value of extended properties, etc.
  • Calculating the budget by breaking it down into sections based on items and expenses.
  • Allocating funds for contingencies and worrying less about sudden need of cash or meeting extra expenses.
  • Keeping track of every budget spent and making adjustments accordingly. 

Saving Tips Without Compromising on Quality

If you have decided to give your 3-meter extension project to a construction partner, it is still possible to save extra on the budget and take cost-effective measures. Most homeowners consider seeking professional services expensive, but in fact, the budget decision is always in your hands. You can opt for a budget-friendly house extension service without compromising on quality by considering these valuable tips:

  • Save the designer’s fee by creating a simplistic design yourself.
  • Choose materials from local brands over recognized brands.
  • Go for DIY or custom-made items when selecting windows, doors, roofing materials, etc.
  • Reuse materials whenever there is a possibility; for instance, you can use wooden window and door frames to create new shelves or refurbished windows and doors.
  • Be accurate about the size of extensions and avoid shifting from the plan.
  • Make minimal structural alterations.
  • Be your project manager and avoid paying extra fees. 

The Construction Process

The construction process is the ultimate process. The most significant step of an extension project, the construction process, makes your home extension dreams turn into reality. However, one must also keep in mind that the construction stage is the most crucial stage of the project, and any mistake can spoil the results. So, making unexpected alterations or avoiding safety protocols can cause trouble. 

The Construction Process

Choosing the Right Construction Method

There are several construction methods followed by builders these days, but to ensure your project is safe and satisfactory, adapting the common brick-and-block construction technique is not only cost-effective but also safe. If you are seeking better options, you can also go for timber frames, pre-cast concrete panels, modular extensions, and structural insulated panels. Before moving forward with the project, it is crucial to briefly discuss with your builder the construction method that will be followed. 

Materials Selection: Durability Meets Aesthetics

Can durability and aesthetics co-exist? If you choose suitable materials for your extension project, they can indeed co-exist. For 3-meter house extensions, giving importance to aesthetic appeal and ensuring the durability of the materials is crucial; therefore, you can choose materials like concrete, wood, and metal to stay within budget and promote sustainability. 

You must ensure the chosen building materials do not degenerate because of weather conditions and instead offer life-long durability. For better results, you can ask your builder to make a choice that fits your budget, offers uncompromising durability, and, at the same time, enhances the aesthetics of your home. 

Hiring a Reputable Contractor: What to Look For

Finding a reputable and trustworthy contractor amongst the crowd can be challenging; however, if you are sure about what to look for in a contractor, the process becomes simple. You must consider the following factors:

  • The years of experience of the contractor
  • Client reviews
  • Types of services offered
  • Time taken by the contractor to finish a project
  • Communication and customer support services
  • If you can customize the budget 

Enhancing Your Extension

The right planning, along with the guidance and support of a trustworthy builder, can result in the most stunning house extensions. Extensions are not just about adding more space into your homes; they also impact your home’s aesthetics and value. This is why you must be specific about the needs and consider every crucial factor that brings out the best results. 

Maximizing Natural Light and Ventilation

House extensions are not just about maximizing space; other crucial factors like natural light and ventilation must also be considered without fail. By introducing large windows, transparent sliding doors, and glass roofing, one can easily increase the flow of air and natural light inside homes. Enhanced natural light and ventilation also help in saving energy bills. 

Interior Design and Decoration Ideas for Your New Space

The internet is full of interior design and decor ideas but which one will be the best for your home is for you to decide. To make your interiors look more spacious and sophisticated, you can consider trending home extension ideas like open-plan kitchen, dining, and living rooms, an extended conservatory that becomes your living cum study room, transparent glass roofing for more natural light, an extended front porch, a rear glazed extension, and so much more. Each of these extension ideas makes your home look more spacious, luxurious, and welcoming. 

Integrating Smart Home Technologies

A modern home deserves to be adorned with intelligent technologies. The innovative technologies not only ease your standard of living but also help cut down energy bills and boost property value. Smart technologies like automated or energy-efficient light fixtures, automated thermostats, advanced security systems, and remote or device-controlled appliances make your home an even better place to live.  

Finalizing Your 3 Meter House Extension

After all that planning and the completion of the construction process, your tasks do not come to an end. There are still many important things to take care of. Finalizing your 3 meter extension project includes the following steps: 

Project Timeline and Communication: Keeping You Informed

Communication between you and your contractor throughout the project is crucial; you must be informed of every minor step before reaching the completion stage. You must be informed about the total time that will be taken to complete the entire project, and upon completion, you must be the first person to know. 

Navigating Final Inspections and Completion

When your extension project is complete, you must ensure the contractors leave only after the final inspections. The final inspection includes checking every crucial area and determining whether the project meets your expected standards. 

Enjoying Your New Space: A Look into Post-Completion Satisfaction

After the inspections are complete, the new space is all yours to admire. After months of waiting, planning, and hard work, the newly added extensions change the look of your homes beautifully. You can take pride in these newly added features and enhanced property value. Your satisfaction after the completion of the project makes all the investments (money and time) worth it. 

Enjoying Your New Space


Your desire to add extra space in your bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms can easily be fulfilled through 3-meter extensions that are both cost-efficient and effective. You can remodel your home into the most stunning version and shock your visitors with added aesthetics and enlarged spaces. 

Transforming Your Home with Fittra: A Decision You Won’t Regret

If you rely your trust on Fittra, you will never regret your decision. If you wish to transform your home into the most attractive space with boosted functionality and maximized space, contact Fittra today and get a quote. 


Do I Need Planning Permission for a 3 Meter Extension?

According to permitted development rules, every homeowner has permission to extend their space for up to 3 meters. But if the extensions are more than 3 meters, then permission from the local authorities is definitely required. 

Also, if your home is a double-storey building, you will have to get permission even for a 3 meter extension. Therefore, you should always cross-check the rules and regulations of your region and the permission requirements before beginning the project. 

How Long Does a 3-Meter House Extension Take?

The time taken to complete a 3 meter house extension service varies from project to project. But usually, it can be around three to six months, depending on the size and number of floors involved. 

Can a 3-Meter Extension Add Value to My Home?

Yes, several research and surveys say that 3 meter house extensions result in a 5 to 23% increase in a property’s value. If your 3-meter house extension plan includes the extension of a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom, it definitely adds more value to your property. 

How long does obtaining planning permission for a 3-meter house extension typically take?

The time taken to obtain planning permissions for 3-meter house extensions varies from region to region. On average, it takes somewhere between 42 days to eight weeks to get the permission. 

What are the most common challenges homeowners face during a 3-meter house extension project?

House extension projects can often give rise to unpredictable results or scenarios. Some of the common challenges you can face are:
– Sudden demolitions
– Dangers of electric and plumbing lines
– Unexpected costs leading to exceeding the budget
– Cracks in the foundation
– Structural damages, such as cracks in the pillars, dampened walls, etc. 

Can a 3-meter extension be added to any type of property, including listed buildings?

3-meter extensions can be added to all types of properties, but the scenario is different for listed buildings. As listed buildings are protected under permitted development rights, before making any construction changes, you must seek permission from authorities. 

What insurance should homeowners consider during and after the construction of a 3-meter house extension?

For 3-meter house extensions, homeowners should mandatorily consider house renovation insurance. This insurance will provide you coverage for all the wear and tear, medical emergencies, and any other mishaps.  





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