When you want to buy cheap internal and external doors, discover what’s for sale with interior and exterior options from top manufacturers in the UK and Europe. London-based construction services company Fittra can provide a range of profiles from various suppliers to match your budget and needs.

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Door options

We can fit a wide variety of options across a broad cost spectrum to suit different requirements. Our most popular choices are:


  • Aluminium: strong, stylish, secure
    • Designs: bifold, sliding
    • Pros: inherently tough, attractive slimline frames, maximum glass for most light, weather resistance for long lasting durability, very low maintenance
  • PVCu: affordable, energy efficient, adaptable
    • Styles: front/rear, patio, French
    • Advantages: triple glazing for utmost insulation, rain and draughts kept out, hardly any cleaning needed, several choices across the board


We provide all sorts of colours for both materials, including the most popular white, grey, black and brown.

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Average cost of doors

You’ll find a spread of price points. The final amount you pay depends on the following key factors:


  • Material: PVCu tends to be cheaper than aluminium
  • Type: style of mechanism affects price
  • Size: more panels/panes equals greater expense
  • Finish: standard colours aren’t as costly as special touches like woodgrain
  • Glazing: triple glazed more expensive than double
  • Extras: door furniture e.g. letterboxes increase total
  • Dual presentation: in areas where there are council regulations about the external colour, you can choose a frame in one shade on the outside to comply with the rules, and an alternative on the inside to coordinate with your decor

Get the best price!

Get the best price when you buy your internal or external door through Fittra. Our London firm works with the best suppliers in the market across the UK and Europe, and has done for many years. So we have a great relationship with leading manufacturers, meaning you get excellent quality and choice – and the cost works with all budgets.


Whatever style door you want to buy, whether front or back, our prices are competitive. Our time frames are fast. And our collection is considerable. Reasons to choose us include:


  • Amazing quality: we work with leading makers with the ultimate products
  • Vast choice: choose from a big selection of materials, designs, sizes, colours, extras
  • Excellent value: trade discounts bring the total down considerably
  • Quick lead times: only 3-4 weeks (8-12 weeks is typical with other companies)


Are you ready to chat about your ideas? We’re ready to hear from you! Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are internal doors?

Internal doors are traditionally used to create an occasional barrier between rooms, whilst creating privacy; however, they have also taken up the role of helping to create a specific appearance to a home, whether that’s a traditional or contemporary one.

Should all doors in a house match?

Interior doors do more than just close off rooms; they are a main component of your interior design. Upgrading them will add value and improve your decor.

Is it worth changing internal doors?

Interior door replacement can definitely increase the value of your home. However, new doors for your house generally always provide an aesthetically modern look to the interior of your home, as well as complete functionality.

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