House Renovation Cost in 2024

Whether your home is in need of sprucing up, you want to increase the value of your house, or you’ve just bought a new property, house renovations may be on your mind. Before you set your heart on your new kitchen, bathroom, or other project, it’s important to gauge your house renovation cost.


How much is it to renovate a house in 2024? Below, we tell you just that. After breaking down the current state of the market, we take you through each step of the renovation process to give you the most accurate estimation possible for your house refurbishment cost.

house renovation cost
house renovation costs

Introduction to House Renovation Costs UK

The cost of renovating a house in the UK is quite high in today’s market. However, renovations are often necessary and can add exceptional value to a home when done correctly. With proper planning and quality builders, you can reduce renovation costs by a decent margin. 


First and foremost, you must determine what type of renovation you need and why. There are several reasons you might need a renovation. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common ones. 


  • Make your home more comfortable and enjoyable 
  • Repair safety issues, like leaks or electrical problems
  • Increase your home’s resale value 
  • Create more space or upgrade a kitchen or bathroom
  • Improve the efficiency of the home (with windows or a new heating system)
  • Modernize a dated interior


Once you know exactly what needs to be done, you can begin planning. After determining the type of renovation you want, the amount of work required, the cost of materials, and other important considerations, your builder can provide you with an accurate quote.


The Rising Trend of House Refurbishment in the UK

The past few years have seen an enormous uptake in house refurbishments in the UK. In fact, 88% of UK homeowners reported to have carried out at least some renovations in 2022. While many of these were cheap repairs or improvements, the average spend came to over £1,700, which is by no means pocket change. 


There is still a huge demand for renovations throughout the country as homeowners seek cost-effective methods to improve their homes in the long run. Many people are installing smart technology and efficient appliances, as well as improving the insulation of their properties.


Housing prices and rental costs continue to rise. Rather than look for a new house or a fresh build, the modern homeowner sees house renovations and improvements as more affordable ways to improve their home life.

how much to renovate a house
house renovation costs uk

Importance of Accurate Cost Estimation

Just like the demand, UK renovation costs are on the rise. So, it’s imperative that you set your renovation budget and stick to it. An important omission here and a miscalculation there can cost you a pretty penny. 


In some cases, inaccurate estimations cause project projects to be put on hold until the homeowner gathers more funds. 


If you’re looking for an accurate estimation, it’s generally best to create a list of priorities. For example, you might want to ensure the flooring gets done first, an en-suite second, and new wallpaper third. If there are any delays, at least you’ll have things done in the order of priority. 


Regardless of the type of project you’re undertaking, your first, and arguably most important step is to get an accurate estimate of the home renovation cost.

Comprehensive Guide to House Renovation Costs

By now, you understand that home renovation costs are expensive and on the rise. But how much does it cost to renovate a house? In this section, we cover common household renovations and break down how much they typically cost. This will give you a better idea of how to budget.

Average House Renovation Cost: What to Expect

It’s difficult to estimate average house renovation costs without specific details of the project. However, a full house renovation cost for a regular three-bedroom home unusually costs between £45,000 and £150,000. 


That said, it’s important to note that you could remodel and repurpose your garage for £5,000 to £10,000. So, depending on what you need, the cost to renovate a house can differ significantly.

house refurbishment cost
cost to renovate house

Detailed Breakdown of Home Renovation Costs

So, how much does it cost to renovate a house? To get a better idea of the cost of a house renovation, you’ll need to take a look at the price of the various aspects of a refurb and estimate the total. 


With this in mind, the sections discuss renovation costs room-by-room before we give you a complete example of the average cost of a full house renovation in the UK.

Cost to Renovate a House: Room-by-Room Analysis

No two installations are the same, so there’s not much point in comparing a toilet installation to a garage conversion. The most effective approach is to break down the costs of a house renovation in London, room by room. 


For example, when renovating an entire home, bedrooms are often the first priority. The most common upgrades to a bedroom include new windows, skirting, flooring, and painting. 


Modern, energy-efficient windows for a bedroom can cost around £2,000. Cheap carpets may cost around £80 but if you opt for a quality hardwood, you could spend as much as £3,000 for your bedroom. Reskirting is likely to cost you around £400. 


On a budget, it’s possible to renovate a master bedroom for £1,000 or so. But, a thorough upgrade is likely to be a lot closer to £5,000. If you paint, add wallpaper, or install new electrical units, you can easily tack on hundreds if not thousands more. 


So, you’ll need to break down the potential costs room by room, starting with the areas you’d like to prioritise.

renovation cost
is 40k enough to renovate a house uk

Renovation Costs for a 2 Bedroom House UK

At this point, you should have a good idea of what it will cost to renovate a house. You can use the examples above to start putting together your home renovation budget. 


To make things even clearer, we’ve compiled the costs into a table. Add or subtract various aspects according to your needs to develop an approximate house renovation budget.

Full House Renovation Cost: A Complete Overview

Breakdown of costs (typical 2-bedroom house)

Average cost

Heating system renovation


Full house rewiring


Gas supply installation


Wall replastering

£2,000-£15,000 (depends on number of walls)

Window replacements

£5,000 (can vary depending on type)

Bathroom remodel


Kitchen renovation


Kitchen extension


Knocking down walls


Loft renovation


Garage renovation


New roof installation


Rot repair


Woodworm treatment




Factors Influencing Your House Renovation Budget

With the above guide, you should be able to approximate the cost of refurbishing a house. But, it’s important to note that the examples we gave are averages. Your particular project could come in a little higher or lower than the examples. 


Furthermore, other factors can influence a home renovation cost estimation. Here are some things that can have a significant effect on the final price: 


  • Location of the property
  • Size of the project
  • Age and structural integrity of the property
  • Complexity of design
  • Available space (most relevant with an extension)
  • Quality of chosen materials
  • Final fixtures, fittings, and decorations

How Much to Renovate a House: Varying Factors

How much does a house renovation cost? In reality, this is an impossible question to answer. There are so many varying factors that without the specific details, securing an accurate estimation is tricky. However, using the estimates we provide on this page will help you get a clearer picture.

renovation costs
renovation costs 3 bedroom house uk

Cost of Refurbishing a House: Material and Labour Considerations

Materials usually account for around 40% of the house remodel cost. Naturally, the materials you choose will heavily influence your overall spending. 


For example, you can choose to finish your bedroom renovation with a low-cost carpet or install expensive hardwood flooring. Likewise, a kitchen renovation can shoot up in price if you opt for marble countertops and expensive tiling. 


When estimating house renovation costs in the UK, don’t forget to include the price of labour. Daily rates can fluctuate significantly over time and they vary depending on location and the time of year. If you need a building company in London, you can expect higher prices than in smaller towns due to the demand and cost of living. 


However, here are some estimates for labour workers that you might need (daily rates). 


  • Building contractor: £200
  • Painter and decorator: £150
  • Electrician: £350
  • Plumber: £350
  • Roofer: £245

Specific Renovation Aspects and Their Costs

Not all renovation work involves the entire house or improving a specific room. In fact, many renovations are carried out to increase space and convert unused features into functional rooms. Here’s a look at extension and conversion costs in the UK.

Extension and Conversion Costs

Extensions and conversions are among the most common major renovations in the country. There are several different types of extensions and conversions. Before you decide on what you need, take a look at the cost of each. The differences can be stark. 

average cost of a full house renovation uk
cost of refurbishing a house

Cost of an Extension: Adding Space and Value

We all know that the cost of renovating a house is significant. However, it’s important to note that a home renovation project can increase the value of your home by over 10%.


Extensions not only improve the look and design of your house, but they may also improve its functionality. An unused attic or garage has the potential to be a spacious loft bedroom or an office. Adding space to your home also adds value. 


Extension costs vary depending on a number of things. However, if you take a  standard 20m2 single-storey extension as an example, it typically costs around £30,000. A double-storey extension that’s around 35m2 can cost between £45,000 and £65,000. Or a 40m2 or bigger wrap-around could cost up to £60,000 or more.

Loft Conversion Costs: Maximizing Existing Space

A loft extension seems like a cost-effective way to increase the usable space of your home, and in many cases, it is. However, this doesn’t mean it’s cheap. This type of project usually involves installing windows and many people will also add an ensuite. 


The average cost of a loft is around £25,000, but the price can easily rise beyond £50,000. Of course, this all depends on the design and materials.

home renovation costs
full house renovation cost

Garage and Basement Conversions: Utilizing Underused Spaces

A garage extension is one of the best ways to increase the functional size of your home without having to bear the cost of a new build. However, it can be quite expensive if you need to run new wiring and install plumbing. 


Plus, you might need improved insulation materials. The average cost of a new garage extension is around £6,000. 


Basements aren’t all that common in the UK but you’ll occasionally find them in London. While basement renovations tend to be tricky, they could increase the value of your property by between 10% and 20% so you’ll have to work out if it’s worth the investment. 


A standard basement renovation cost in the UK could start at £1,000 per square meter.

Key Renovation Elements

Some of the most popular household renovations are kitchens and bathrooms. 

Other elements that contribute significantly to the average house renovation cost include wiring, plumbing, heating system updates, and wall knocking. 


These factors can be easily overlooked when estimating renovation costs. Let’s take a closer look at these key elements.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Costs

The average kitchen cost can vary significantly depending on the size of the space and the materials you use. Your renovation should cost somewhere between £10,000 to £25,000, from the design stage all the way to the final installations. 


However, If you want to extend your kitchen, the structural work will more than double your costs. Extending the room by just 12m2 should cost approximately £20,000. 


But, the reality is, if you want to kit out your kitchen with marble tops, custom floor tiles, and new appliances, there’s no telling how much you’ll spend. 


New bathroom costs can be sizeable and often set you back more than you might think. Installing a new toilet alone can cost over £1,000 if you require plumbing and retiling. In total, a full bathroom renovation costs approximately £4,000 to £4,500 on average.

cost to renovate a house
home renovation cost

Costs of Rewiring, Plumbing, and Heating System Upgrades

Rewiring, plumbing work, and heating system installation are major costs, mainly because of the time required. Rewiring an entire house can take from six days to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the job and your needs. The daily rate for an electrician is approximately £350. 


Plumbers usually charge similar rates to electricians. Plumbing for a new bathroom could be done in a day but may take up to four. The same goes for kitchen remodelling. 


If you plan to install a new heating system, you’ll need to pay a heating engineer for one or two weeks. Engineers charge around £300 per day. 


A lot of renovations involve knocking down walls to extend an area. This is an important cost to factor into your budget. Knocking down a wall inside our home typically costs somewhere between £1,000 and £2,500. 


You can see how each of these elements can dramatically increase the remodelling of your house cost. The labour cost for the nitty-gritty parts of a full renovation will likely hit a minimum of £4,000.

Planning and Managing Your Renovation Project

The next step is to figure out the price for refurbishing your home. Here are the most important steps.

Estimating Renovation Costs: Tools and Tips

There’s no secret sauce when it comes to estimating how much it costs to refurbish a house. The best approach is to know exactly what you want, plan to the last detail, and budget accordingly. 


We highly recommend seeking assistance from a professional house refurbishment company, like Fittra. We not only provide quality work but we also leverage our relationships with experienced partners. We’ll provide you with access to top architects, engineers, and consultants at every step. 


Using an experienced building company, like Fittra, can save you a lot of money on the overall project.

average house renovation cost
how much to refurbish a house

Creating a Realistic Renovation Budget

One of the big advantages of working with a professional building company is that they can help you create and stick to a budget. They have connections with tradespeople and suppliers so you can get all your prices from the one place. 


If you want to handle the budget yourself, consider creating a spreadsheet to build your to-do list, register quotes, and keep track of spending. Knowing how much you’re spending is one of the best ways to reduce the overall extension cost. 


You may also find renovation budget tools online, such as cost calculators. If you use one of these, be sure to have your final checklist prepared in advance.

Navigating Planning Permissions and Legal Requirements

Planning permission is a necessary expense that you should factor into your remodel house cost. Fortunately, planning permission is generally less than £500 so it should only be a fraction of the total cost to refurbish your house. 


If you sign any contracts as part of the renovation, you should have a legal representative take a look over them. Get a few quotes from local professionals and include the additional costs in your budget.

Why Choose Fittra for Your Renovation Needs

Fittra is one of the most reputable construction companies in West London. With over 10 years of experience making quality renovations, extensions, new builds, and more, we are your go-to builders. 

how much does it cost to refurbish a house
average cost to renovate a house

Fittra: Your Partner in House Renovation and Refurbishment

When you choose a construction company like Fittra, it’s not just about the renovation cost. We deliver premium services that go far beyond laying foundations and bricks. Our team and partners can conceptualise the idea, draw the plans, and complete every detail of the renovation. 


Regardless of the type of renovation or refurbishment you need, we will look after you. In addition to the planning, management, and construction of the project, we offer a number of extras that you won’t find with most other construction companies. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Professional Services Offered by Fittra

Fittra is an NHBC-licensed and registered business, ensuring we have all the accreditations necessary to provide construction services across the entire country. We’re permitted to carry out a wide range of renovation work as well as new builds, and much more. Here’s a breakdown of our full professional service offerings. 


  • Household extensions, including rear extensions, side returns, wrap-arounds, as well as single and double extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Custom house renovations
  • Household refurbishments
  • New builds
  • Development and investment projects
  • Window installations, including PVCu, skylights, and aluminium
  • Door installations, including PVCu, aluminium, and timber
cost of house renovation
home renovation budget

The Advantages of Working with Fittra

Here are some more reasons you should consider getting in touch. Fittra offers:


  • Free consultations
  • Free schedule of works
  • Budget assistance
  • Contactable 24/7
  • Trade discounts (made available to clients)
  • £10 million employer’s liability insurance
  • £5 million products and liability insurance

Customer Satisfaction and Project Success Stories

At Fittra, we’re proud to share our many project success stories from countless satisfied customers. Read through our client testimonials here. 

Contacting Fittra for Your Next Renovation Project

For more information on the average cost to renovate a house or any of our services, feel free to leave us a message. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. Or, give us a call at 02082 438568.


At Fittra, our tried and tested five-step method ensures quality and transparent services from day one. With frequent consultations throughout the renovation, you’ll be kept updated at every stage. 


Once we wrap up the snagging, we’ll provide you with all the necessary warranties and certificates before getting on our way. Of course, we’re always available for any follow-ups you might have.

house renovation budget
renovate house cost

Summarizing House Renovation Costs and Best Practices

You can always make improvements to your home whether you spend big or small. So, regardless of your budget, it’s possible to take on some renovations. However, if a full house refurbishment is what you’re after, it’ll cost you between £45,000 and £150,000.


To keep spending under control, it’s always best to plan to the finest of details. That way, you’re less likely to encounter unwanted surprises.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

House renovations are a great way to make your house homely. However, perhaps the biggest benefit is that quality renovations can increase the value of your property significantly. To get the most from a renovation project, be sure to work with a reputable refurbishment company, like Fittra. 



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FAQ: Common Questions About House Renovation Costs

If you still have queries about renovation costs, read through these frequently asked questions. 

Is 40K Enough to Renovate a House in the UK?

We estimate the average cost to renovate a full house in the UK to be somewhere between £45,000 and £150,000. However, as you can see from the information above, there are plenty of projects you can complete with £40,000. 

How Long Does a Typical House Renovation Take?

Simple renovations like a bathroom or bedroom project can be completed in a week or two. However, for a full-scale two or 3-bedroom house, you should set aside three to six months. 

Renovation Cost UK: Regional Variations and Considerations

Renovation costs can vary by location. Bigger cities where there’s more demand for construction work tend to be more expensive. As you might expect, London is one of the most expensive places in the country for most building work. 

Can You Renovate a House For 20k?

While you might struggle to stretch £20,000 for a full house renovation, you can certainly complete valuable projects with this budget, including a kitchen refurb.

What are the Hidden Costs in House Renovation that are Often Overlooked?

Planning permission and legal fees are often overlooked by homeowners. However, one of the main unexpected costs is labour, as many homeowners underestimate how long projects will take. 

What are the Most Cost-effective Renovations that add Value to a House?

Garage conversions, loft conversions, conservatories, and single-storey extensions are among the most cost-effective renovations that add value to a house.

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