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A wrap around house extension refers to building an L-shaped addition to both the rear and the side of your home. This type of extension adds both width and depth to your property.


This type of building addition is a very popular choice for owners of period terraced properties in London.  The side return of such properties is rarely used, and so this wrap around extension maximises the use of your available interior living space.


Fittra’s team of experts have over 15 years experience of designing and building wrap around extensions across the London area. Our NHBC-registered firm have an in-house team of architects, planning and design consultants who can help make your vision a reality.

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Is a wrap around extension more expensive?

The wrap around extension is more expensive than a straightforward rear extension, as there is usually more structural and design work involved.


However, the wrap around extension cost should be viewed as a long term investment.  Such a project creates a much larger living space for you home, utilising dead space from the side of your house, as well as the rear of your home.


By choosing to work with the team at Fittra on your project to increase the living space of your home, you are making a very good investment decision in the long term. Our team will be with you very step of the way to ensure that your house extension project is a complete success, and is delivered under budget and on time.

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How much does a wrap around extension cost UK?

The cost of a single storey wrap around extension in the UK depends on a number of factors, including:


  • size and scope of the building work – this is the biggest factor to consider, clearly the bigger the house, the higher the cost
  • location – undertaking a building project in London, for example, is more expensive than other parts of the UK
  • construction materials – the quality and specification of the materials to be used will greatly impact the final cost of the project
  • the complexity of the design – complex designs involving glass ceilings (which allow for more light) for example, will require input from structural engineers, as well as increasing the cost of any required specialist materials


Finally, perhaps the most important factor which will determine the final cost of your building project is the contractor that you choose to work with.


To keep costs for your project to a minimum, it is essential to work with a building firm that has experience in the type of project you are looking to undertake. Fittra’s experience, professionalism and expertise will ensure that there will be no unexpected problems or delays with your project.


Contact us today and take advantage of our free consultation service. We will advise you on the most cost efficient and creative way to extend your home and increase your internal living space.

Do you need planning permission for wrap around extension?

Yes, you will need planning permission for a wrap around extension. Current building regulations allow you to build a rear or side return addition without the need for planning permission as part of the `permitted development rules.

However, joining these two extensions together to form a wrap around will need planning permission. Your architect will need to take into consideration a variety of factors when preparing the plans, to ensure that the planning application will be approved.

It is therefore essential to work with a building company which not only has experience of complex additions to period homes, but a detailed knowledge of all relevant planning rules and regulations applicable to such projects.

The specialist team at Fittra have extensive knowledge of all relevant planning regulations, and will ensure that the design and planning application process proceeds as stress free as possible.

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What is the cheapest way to extend your house?

A wrap around extension London may not be the cheapest way to extend your house, but it certainly represents one of the best ways to substantially increase the living space of your home and increasing value to your home.


Whilst building this type of addition to your home may be more expensive than a simple rear extension, it allows you maximise the build space on your property. Moreover, on a per metre squared basis, it is very cost efficient, allowing a homeowner to add a lot of extra equity in the value of their property.


Fittra are one of the leading building companies in London with many years experience of wrap around extensions. We can give you wrap around extension ideas to maximise the available space in our home. We will help you to reconfigure the layout of your home, creating a modern, light, open plan living space. Not only will this create more space for your growing family, but will substantially increase the value of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wrap around extension more expensive?

Because of the extra structural work involved, wraparound extensions tend to be most costly than their rear and side counterparts.

How long does a wraparound extension take to build?

You should allow between 3-4 months for the actual build of the wraparound extension, this will allow for the build as well as fitting the kitchen, doors and finishing’s.

Can you have a side and rear extension?

A rear extension extends from the rear of your house into your garden space, whilst a side return extends the width of your property, utilising the dead space down the side of your home. If you have space down the side and rear of your property, you can have a wrap-around extension that extends into both these areas.

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