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Welcome to Fittra

House Construction Company In London

Who We Are

Fittra Construction is an NHBC-registered construction company with a long-term trusted team of partner architects, engineers, consultants and designers. We offer professional commercial and residential construction services at highly competitive prices.


With over 10 years’ experience, we are quality-focused and pride ourselves on the attention to detail on both domestic and commercial projects.

Our Projects



In Chelsea, a five-story building underwent an extensive renovation process to achieve high standards of sophistication and luxury. We worked alongside an investment company to create six stunning two/three-bedroom apartments that combine comfort and elegance
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This project features a full renovation of a block of 10 studio apartments within a 5-storey building in the Brompton. Working closely with an investment management company, our goal was to create exceptional living spaces that would attract young, successful professionals
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This project features a complete renovation of a 3-storey terraced house in the heart of Fulham. The project involved extensive work, including the construction of a stunning 4-storey rear extension and a conversion of the roof into a spacious 2nd floor complete with a master bedroom, bathroom, and exercise room
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A new, stunning renovation project in Sunningdale was completed in partnership with interior design team Falchi Interiors. The project involved a complete overhaul of a detached house, resulting in a spacious, sleek, and modern living space that exudes sophistication and style
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Clapham Common

Clapham Common

This beautiful renovation features a bespoke wooden staircase with low level wall lights, designed by the client. They match the cedar fencing in the garden, which also has matching storage cupboards and a special pizza-making area.
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The client on this project is a designer and a project manager, so working together produced very unique and exciting results.
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Our Services

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House Renovation

A complete refurbishment of a house of any size is a major undertaking. That’s why we work with you every step of the way. To start with, we’ll help you determine the feasibility of the proposed plans and timetable the project.

New Build

Building your dream house, to your exact specifications should be an exciting project not an overwhelming one. That’s why our team of professional and friendly designers, architects and engineers will work with you at every stage to ensure your beautiful home becomes a reality.

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Property Investment

A complete refurbishment of a house of any size is a major undertaking. That’s why we work with you every step of the way. To start with, we’ll help you determine the feasibility of the proposed plans and timetable the project.


Why Work With US

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at all stages

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with project manager

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liability insurance

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of works

Integrated, In-house Team Will Work On Your Project

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Benefits from our trade discounts
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£5M public & products liability
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10% only deposit payments
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Detailed cost breakdown

In the End You Will Get




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What Does the House Building Process in the UK Involve?

At Fittra, your premier house-building company in London, we manage every aspect of your project. As an NHBC-registered house builder, we work directly with you to develop a comprehensive plan, ensuring transparency and precision in every detail.

The steps in house building usually are:

  • Making architectural drawings
  • Getting planning permission
  • Preparing the site
  • Laying the foundations
  • Building the house
  • Connecting utilities
  • Doing interior work

Choosing a good construction company in the UK, like Fittra in London, is very important. We are residential construction experts who help you manage and build new homes exactly as you want, ensuring we finish on time, stay within budget, and do high-quality work.

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What are the modern house construction techniques used in London?

Fittra, a premier construction company in London, revolutionizes the residential construction industry with its innovative approach. We’re not just any building company in London; we prioritize eco-friendly, energy-efficient materials in our house construction. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every home we construct, ensuring durability, energy conservation, and lasting value.

In our home construction company, advanced technology meets smart design. We use green insulation and solar panels, a testament to our status as one of the leading home building companies.

Our designs are not only space-efficient but also energy-smart, a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. This distinctive approach sets Fittra apart as a top-tier London building construction company, redefining excellence among building companies in London.

How does Fittra ensure quality and reliability in every project, standing out as a top construction company in the UK?

Fittra is known as a top construction company in the UK because we focus on quality and reliability. We plan every project carefully. Our team has skilled workers who pay attention to every detail, ensuring strict checks for quality. This is what makes us a leading residential construction company in London.

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Does Fittra offer any unique services compared to other local building companies?

Yes, Fittra is different from other local building companies. We offer unique services, making us a standout home construction company:

  • Custom design solutions tailored to each client.
  • Environmentally sustainable building practices.
  • A client-focused approach to ensure satisfaction.
  • Free schedule of works for clear planning.
  • Detailed cost breakdowns for transparency.
  • Only a 10% deposit is required, with the balance due upon completion.
  • £5 million in public and product liability insurance for peace of mind.
  • £10 million employer’s liability insurance for added security.

What sets Fittra apart from other construction companies in terms of project management and client communication throughout the residential construction process?

What sets us apart from other construction companies is our approach to project management and client communication:

  • We excel in managing projects efficiently.
  • Our team prioritises clear and ongoing communication with clients.
  • We focus on making the residential construction process smooth.


Fittra’s unwavering dedication to our core values guarantees meticulous attention to every project, prioritizing client requirements above all. This client-focused philosophy cements our position as a frontrunner in the construction company industry, distinguishing us from other building companies near me in London.

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Why is Fittra one of the best house building companies in London?

Fittra is a well-known building company in London. We are experts in house construction. Our projects include new homes, renovations, extensions, and repairs. We are known for quality and reliability, making us a top choice as a local building companies.


What makes Fittra special as a house-building company:

  • We are open and clear in our communication.
  • Customer happiness is our main focus.
  • We are a leading construction company in London because of our high-quality work.
  • We always put our customers first.


If you need the best construction company in London, choose Fittra. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and see why we are one of the top building companies in London.

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