Bathroom Renovation Cost

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the most commonly renovated rooms in homes. Your bathroom is a private sanctuary that plays a big role in how you start and finish your day. And, when you think about it, it’s one of the most used rooms in every single home. 


Bathrooms are also among the most impressionable rooms in a house. Buyers place significant value on bathrooms. They’re almost as important as kitchens to those on the hunt for a property.


A nice bathroom isn’t just practical. It can also add significant value to your property. If your bathroom is getting a bit outdated, revitalize the space with a fresh renovation.

bathroom renovation cost
small bathroom renovation cost uk

Introduction to Bathroom Renovation Costs

Naturally, you’ll want to know how much your bathroom renovation will cost. Establishing your budget is generally the first thing you need to do. 


The cost of a bathroom renovation can vary drastically. A large master bathroom renovation is likely to include a lot of tiling and labour. Plus, with more space, you may opt for a big, open shower, and additional furnishings. 


On the other hand, a small bathroom renovation cost in the UK is likely to be a lot cheaper. There’s less space and you’re limited to smaller showers, toilets, mirrors, and other details. 


However, while important, size isn’t the only factor that affects a bathroom remodel cost. You’ve got to account for materials, labour, and the potential need for plumbers and electricians. The online way to gauge an accurate estimate for a bathroom renovation cost in the UK is to do your due diligence. 


Working alongside experienced home renovation experts is one of the best ways to get a good plan together and then stick to it. 


Overview of Bathroom Renovation in the UK

Bathrooms are usually some of the smallest rooms in our homes. However, this does not mean that renovations are cheap. As an experienced building company, we can attest that one of the biggest problems people have when redoing their bathroom is underestimating the costs. 


The main factor that homeowners overlook is labour costs. While most people account for a bathroom fitter, many don’t realise they may need a plumber or electrician. To boot, installation costs can add up pretty quickly. Bathroom installation costs are especially high when you replace multiple fittings. 


Another factor that homeowners underestimate when estimating the cost to redo a bathroom is the length of time it takes. A full renovation is likely to take up to four weeks or more.


Considering labourers are paid by the day or by the hour, underestimating the timeframe can cause you to go way over budget. So, to ensure you get an accurate idea of the cost of redoing a bathroom, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. In this piece, we go to great lengths to ensure everything is covered.

cost of bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation cost uk

Understanding Bathroom Renovation Costs

The first thing to understand about your project is that the cost of a bathroom remodel is by no means standardised. There’s no uniform size for a bathroom and they often have peculiar shapes. 


Second, you should understand that the materials you choose significantly impact the overall bathroom cost. You can keep costs down by painting the walls, using cheap styles, and buying cheap bathroom furniture. However, you can easily go over budget with an expensive shower, floor tiles, and other fittings.


The third and final important aspect of a bathroom refurbishment that you must understand is the potential need for specialist labour. Even if you just need to install a new toilet, you must account for potential plumbing costs.


In the sections below, we take you through the renovation work that has the biggest influence on the overall cost. We’ll then break down the average cost of a bathroom renovation so you can begin to plan yours. 

What Influences the Cost of Bathroom Renovation?

Basic bathroom renovations are usually not complicated. Paint, retiling, and a new installation or two can be completed without much of a problem. That said, it doesn’t take much to drive up the cost of your project. Let’s dive into the main factors that increase the cost.

Size and Scope of the Project

As you might expect, the size of your bathroom has a big say on the final price. So, your first task should be to measure the size per square metre. A bigger bathroom generally means more paint, more tiles, and more work. 


The scope of the project refers to the number of components involved in the project. For example, some renovations might require you to tile a bathroom and very little else. However, other renovations could involve tiling, painting, flooring, and brand-new installations.

bathroom remodel cost
how much to renovate a bathroom

Quality of Materials and Fixtures

Another major influence on the overall cost of a bathroom renovation is the quality of the materials and fixtures. Quality materials come at a premium cost but are often worthwhile in the long run. However, price isn’t always indicative of quality. 


The cost of fixtures can also vary enormously. You can buy standard baths, sinks, toilets, and showers from standard hardware and homeware stores at good prices. But, if you want premium brands or custom fixtures, the overall costs will increase by a lot.

Structural Changes and Layout Alterations

If you need major structural changes, such as an extension or a wall demolition, you’ll automatically add thousands of pounds to your final cost. What’s more, structural changes may mean you need extra electrical and plumbing work done. 


Layout alterations have a similar effect on costs. Moving a bath from one place to another isn’t a basic job. It means redoing the plumbing to make sure there’s water access at the unit. The same goes for changing the position of toilets and showers.

Average Bathroom Renovation Cost in the UK

So, how much to renovate a bathroom in the UK? As you know by now, bathroom renovations vary in cost To give you a better idea of what you can expect to pay, check out the table below. 

average cost of bathroom renovation

Renovation Type



Average Cost

Minor Upgrades




Small Bathroom




Medium Sized Bathroom




Large Sized Bathroom




Overview of Average Costs

From these numbers, you could say that the average bathroom renovation cost is around £6,000. However, for smaller or larger projects, the differences can be significant. If your bathroom just needs a few minor upgrades, you can complete your bathroom makeover for as little as £400. 

Comparing Costs: Basic, Mid-Range, and High-End Renovations

As you can see from the above table, a low-end project can cost you just a few hundred pounds. On the other hand, a high-end renovation on a large bathroom usually sets you back closer to £12,000. In truth, a high-end project may cost even more. 


It’s important to note that these estimates don’t include major construction work such as knocking a wall to extend the space. The main differences in these prices are size, scope, and materials.

how much for bathroom renovation
average bathroom renovation cost

Budgeting for Your Bathroom Renovation

Setting the budget for a bathroom renovation is the most important part of preparation. To help you establish a budget, let’s use the numbers from the above table. These figures should help you answer the question, how much is a bathroom renovation?


Minor upgrades to a regular-sized bathroom should cost you between £400 and £1,600 depending on the quality of the materials and fixtures. 


The average cost of an ensuite renovation in the UK, or a small bathroom, is approximately £4,250 for good quality materials and fixtures.


A medium-sized bathroom renovation has an average cost of around £6,000 for quality materials. With cheaper materials, you could spend around £4,000, and for a high-end renovation, the costs could rise to £8,000 or more. 


If you carry out a large-sized bathroom renovation, the average cost falls between £6,000 and £12,000. 

How Much to Allocate for a Small Bathroom Renovation in the UK?

So, how much to renovate a small bathroom in the UK? 


For a small bathroom, we recommend allocating between £2,500 and £6,000. Since the average cost of a small renovation is £4,250, try to get as close to this number as you can, if possible. 

Estimating the Cost for a Complete Bathroom Overhaul

A complete overhaul for a large bathroom costs around £9,000 on average. An overhaul includes a new shower, bathtub, toilet, sink, tiling, and other features, like mirrors. To help you estimate the costs for a bathroom renovation of this scale, consider the breakdowns below. 

how much is a bathroom renovation
how much does a bathroom renovation cost

Labor and Material Breakdown

Labour and materials account for the vast majority of your bathroom renovation costs. We’ll go into detail on this a little later but we estimate a comprehensive renovation to cost around £5,450 in materials alone. 


On top of each of all of this, you’ll need to factor in labour. Standard bathroom remodeling labourers charge around £300 to £350 per day. This brings your labour estimate to somewhere between £6,000 and £7,000. 


The total cost of our estimated overhaul is just under £12,000, as we stated earlier in our table. Depending on your needs and wants, you can easily add or subtract from this subtotal. And, if the work goes on for more than four weeks, you’ll have to consider those costs too. 

Hidden Costs and Contingencies

When carrying out a bathroom renovation in the UK, you may run into costs that you hadn’t planned for. While these aren’t hidden costs as such, they’re easy to overlook. To make sure you don’t miss anything, take note of these added extras:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Extractor fan
  • Lighting
  • Decorations
  • Cabinets
  • Towel warmers
  • Structural reinforcements
  • Cost of getting rid of old bathroom materials
  • Potential plumbing and electrician costs
average cost of kitchen remodel
how much does a bathroom renovation cost uk

Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

By now you have a snapshot of the average cost of a bathroom remodel. The next step is to start piecing together a budget. However, first, you must learn how much bathroom fixtures cost. Let’s get into it. 

Cost Breakdown for Essential Bathroom Components

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the materials you’ll need for a major bathroom renovation alongside their average cots: 

  • Sink: £150
  • Tap: £150
  • Bath: £400
  • Bath taps: £200
  • Freestanding bath: £1,250
  • Freestanding bath tap: £800
  • Toilet: £300
  • Bidet toilet: £200
  • Vanity unit: £450
  • Electric shower: £350
  • Shower enclosure: £500
  • Bathroom mirror: £200

This adds up to £4,950. 

Showers, Baths, and Toilets: Pricing and Options

You can purchase a good quality shower, bath, and toilet for around £1,250. If you don’t have the budget for this, you’ll be able to find lower-cost options.

Sinks, Basins, and Taps: Understanding the Cost Implications

Decent sinks, basins, and taps shouldn’t cost much more than £300 to £400. That said, if you decide on an all-marble bathroom renovation, your sink, basin, and tap are likely to cost you thousands. 

average cost of bathroom remodel
average bathroom remodel cost

Flooring and Tiling: Average Costs and Options

Tiles for the bathroom floor and wall typically cost around £25 per square metre. So, depending on the size of your bathroom, the tiling costs will vary. However, the average bathroom needs around 20 square metres of tiling, so you can expect to pay around £500 for those. 

Cost of Ensuite Renovation: Detailed Analysis

Ensuites are popular bathroom renovations because they’re essentially part of your bedroom. So, let’s take a look at the specifics of ensuite bathroom costs. 

Understanding the Specifics of Ensuite Bathroom Costs

The average bathroom remodel cost for an ensuite is around £4,500. Essentially, the specific costs of an ensuite bathroom are the same as a regular one. A standard project will involve a new shower and sink, as well as tiling and mirrors. If it’s a big ensuite, you might also need a bath. 

how much to renovate a small bathroom uk
cost to redo bathroom

Factors Affecting the Cost of Ensuite Renovations

Factors that affect the cost of ensuite renovations include the size of the room, whether or not the renovation involves structural change, the quality of materials, and the price of fixtures. 

Plumbing and Electrical Work in Bathroom Renovations

As we’ve mentioned on several occasions, many bathroom renovations require specialist work from plumbers and electricians. They’re typically needed when you relocate fixtures or if you’re installing new equipment. 

Navigating Plumbing Costs

For a plumber in London, you can expect to pay between £40 and £60 per hour. However, if you need extensive work, they may charge you for the entire project or give you a discounted day rate. 

Electrical Work: What to Expect Budget-wise

For bathroom renovations, electrical costs usually aren’t high. You’d typically only need an electrician if you knocked an important wall or wanted to relocate a switch. Or, you might need one to change the lighting or the extractor fan. In London, a typical electrician charges at least £40 to £50 per hour. 

how much to redo a bathroom
small bathroom renovation cost

Smart Tips for Cost-Effective Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are expensive. However, there are plenty of ways to save money on your project. Here are some smart savings tips worth considering:


  • Take on some of the work DIY style (if you’re experienced)
  • Up-cycle older materials
  • Only tile where necessary
  • Buy things in the sale
  • Avoid major structural changes and layout changes
  • Opt for low-cost, high-quality options(where possible)
  • Work with a reputable construction company 

How to Save on Your Bathroom Renovation Without Compromising Quality

One of the points made above is to opt for low-cost, high-quality options, where possible. Let’s go into some more detail on how you can do that. 

DIY Aspects vs Professional Help

People’s DIY skills fall onto a very large spectrum. Some people are capable of taking care of difficult construction work while others struggle to change a lightbulb. As a professional construction company, we don’t recommend taking on major renovation work without experience. 


However, painting or basic wall tiling work are two things that most people can do themselves. For the rest of the work, leave it to the professionals.

how much for a bathroom renovation
how much does it cost to renovate a bathroom

Upcycling and Bargain Hunting

Upcycling old materials is a great way to decorate your new bathroom. Second-hand markets are also great money-savers. However, if you do need to buy something new, you can save a lot by shopping in sales. 

Choosing the Right Style and Materials

The style and materials of your bathroom are personal touches. Draw inspiration by looking online or exploring showrooms. If you need help, ask your construction company if they can assist you with the design. 


In terms of materials, your options are limited to your budget. We recommend conducting as much research as possible to find a good balance between quality and cost. 

Why Choose Fittra for Your Bathroom Renovation?

Fittra is a leading London-based construction company. We provide first-class building work for all types of projects. With over 10 years of home renovations under our belt, you can rely on Fittra to provide quality services. When you search for building companies near me in London, we’re your go-to. 

Discovering Fittra: Your Go-To Construction Company in West London

As an NHBC-registered company, Fittra is a long-standing construction business in London with a stellar reputation. We offer end-to-end solutions and have a comprehensive team of designers, architects, engineers, consultants, and builders. 

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how much does it cost to redo a bathroom

Fittra's Range of Services: Tailored for Every Need

We offer a wide range of services, from bathroom renovations to house extensions in London. We tailor our services to every client and focus on the details to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

The Fittra Advantage: Why We Stand Out

Aside from the quality of our work, the Fittra advantage ensures that you get a lot more when you work with us. Some other features that make us stand out include: 


  • Free schedule of works
  • Free consultations from start to finish
  • Full transparency over costs
  • Large team with specialists in all key areas
  • You can contact us 24/7
  • Trade discounts
  • £10 million employer’s liability insurance
  • £5 million products and liability insurance
average cost of bathroom renovation uk
bathroom renovation cost london

Customer-Centric Approach and Services

At Fittra, we don’t just go one step further than our competitors, we’re miles ahead. Our customer-centric approach ensures you’re involved in the whole process and have the final say in all decisions. 

Free Consultation and Project Management

We offer free consultations throughout the renovation process, starting with an initial site meeting. Plus, your project will be assigned a dedicated project manager if you have any queries. 

Quality Assurance and Accreditations

At Fittra, we’re not all talk. We also have the accreditations to back it up. Some of our notable accreditations include NHBC, NFB, FMB, Considerate Constructors, and TruskMark. 

Financial Benefits: Saving with Fittra

Fittra is a one-stop-shop construction company. We can provide every service you’ll need to complete your bathroom renovation. This includes design, project management, construction work, and installation. Furthermore, we leverage our extensive network to provide trade discounts on outside contractors. 

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Final Thoughts

A bathroom renovation is a straightforward and cost-effective way to increase the value of your home. If you want to upgrade your outdated room but don’t know where to start, get in touch with Fittra today through our application form

Summary and Closing Advice for Bathroom Renovations

To summarize, a small bathroom renovation costs as little as £2,500, adding instant value to your property. However, redoing a large high-end bathroom could set you back £12,000 or more. 


When renovating your bathroom, make sure to research diligently, create your budget, and then contact Fittra to take care of the rest. Contact us at or give us a call on 02082 438568.



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FAQs About Bathroom Renovation Cost

To make sure we’ve left no stone unturned, we’ll leave you with a list of the internet’s most frequently asked questions. 

How Much to Redo a Bathroom?

On the low end, you can renovate a small bathroom for around £2,500. However, a high-end large bathroom could cost you more than £12,000. 

For 2024, the latest bathroom trends include wallpaper, bright countertops, and undercabinet mood lights.

How long does a typical bathroom renovation take from start to finish?

A typical bathroom renovation usually takes four to six weeks from start to finish. 

What are some eco-friendly options for bathroom renovations?

Eco-friendly tips for bathroom renovations are to let in more light, install LED lighting, up-cycle old materials, and install water-saving taps and flushers. 

How do I choose the right contractor for my bathroom renovation project?

Choose your bathroom renovation contractor based on their pricing and service offerings. It’s generally best to go with a contractor that handles all aspects of the project, like Fittra. 

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