West Brompton


  • Renovated two-bedroom apartment from the 1880s
  • Luxury renovation blending historical essence with modern elegance
  • Significant structural changes 
  • Oak flooring
  • Luxurious marble-tiled bathrooms and modern kitchen amenities
  • Custom joinery for tailored storage solutions
  • Restoration of original decorative details

Chelsea Charm Reimagined in West Brompton


In the prestigious neighborhood of Chelsea, a two-bedroom apartment from the 1880s has been meticulously renovated, marrying its historical essence with modern elegance. Located in West Brompton, this project involved significant structural changes, the introduction of soundproofed oak flooring, and bespoke internal doors that pay homage to the apartment’s original character.


The renovation includes two luxurious marble-tiled bathrooms, a new kitchen equipped with modern amenities, and custom joinery throughout, offering tailored storage solutions that enhance the living space. Additionally, the project focused on restoring the apartment’s original decorative details, preserving its historical charm while updating its functionality.


This West Brompton renovation beautifully encapsulates the transition from the past to the present, ensuring that the apartment’s legacy continues to thrive amidst contemporary upgrades. It stands as a celebration of Chelsea’s architectural heritage, redefined for modern living.

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