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Embrace the charm of added living space with Fittra, your reliable loft conversion company in London. 


With our wealth of experience, we expertly transform unused attics into beautiful, functional spaces. Whether it’s a home office, a guest room, or a tranquil retreat, your loft conversion in London is bound to enhance your lifestyle and property value. 


Opt for the finest loft conversion North, East, South, West and Central London has to offer with Fittra. Make the most of your home today.

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Type of Loft Conversions in London

Every loft conversion is a unique journey, reflecting individual tastes and preferences. 


Fittra, as a dedicated loft conversion company in London, prides itself on meeting and exceeding all client expectations. 


Our portfolio comprises several types of loft conversions, each popular and in demand in the London market. We are experienced and skilful in all of them.


Here’s a glimpse into some of the most common London loft conversion styles we offer:



Each style boasts its unique benefits and aesthetic appeal. The choice depends on your home’s existing structure, local planning constraints, and of course, your personal vision for the space. 

Types of Houses for Loft Conversion

With a rich experience spanning 15 years, Fittra has had the privilege to work on diverse house types across London.


We understand the architectural quirks and advantages of each, crafting loft conversions in London that respect the original building’s spirit and inject a fresh breath of life into it.


Here’s a brief overview of some popular house types we’ve converted:


  • Victorian: Characterised by high ceilings and period features, Victorian homes offer ample loft conversion potential. We respect their heritage while creating a modern, functional space.

  • 1920s – 1930s: Known for their larger floor plans and bay windows, these houses provide plenty of room for creative loft conversions. Our team draws upon the unique layout to maximise your new living area.

  • Semi-Detached: Commonly found across London, semi-detached homes often benefit from side extensions and loft conversions. We seamlessly integrate the new space to maintain the property’s symmetry.

  • Conservation Areas: While loft conversions in these areas may be more regulated, Fittra has ample experience navigating planning permissions to deliver stunning and compliant results.


Whether you own a classic Victorian or reside in a conservation area, Fittra is your trusted partner for any London loft conversion. Let us transform your house into a dream home.

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Requirements for Loft Conversion

Creating a successful loft conversion in London involves meeting some essential requirements.


One fundamental factor is the availability of a minimum head height of 2.2 m. This is crucial to ensure enough space for a comfortable living area once the conversion is complete.


However, what if your current loft height is below 2.2 m? Don’t worry – Fittra is well-versed in overcoming such challenges.


Some options include removing a roof section or lowering the room’s ceiling below. We analyse your home’s structure and devise solutions that meet general requirements and align with your visions.


Remember, with the right team of loft builders; there are ways to turn even the seemingly impossible into reality.

Loft Conversion Process

At Fittra, as your trusted loft conversion specialist, we break down the steps involved to ensure a smooth transition.

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Step 1:
Site Survey

The initial step involves comprehensively analysing your existing loft space. We look into the structure, space, head height, and other aspects to evaluate the feasibility and plan the design.

Step 2: Building Regulations and Contract

We move on to the paperwork once the survey is complete. Adherence to building regulations is crucial for the safety and sustainability of the conversion. The contract is drawn up, capturing all aspects of the project to ensure transparency.

Step 3:

The final step of the process is the transformation of your loft into a comfortable living space. Our loft conversion builders complete the construction, interior finishes, and clean-up, ensuring your new loft is ready to use.


Purposes of Loft Conversions in London

In London, a loft conversion isn’t simply a change of space; it’s a transformation tailored to individual needs. 


Whether you seek extra room for work or play, Fittra is the trusted partner that turns your vision into reality.


  1. Bathroom: Transform your loft into a luxurious bathroom retreat. Let us help you plan the ideal relaxing sanctuary in your home.
  2. Kids Playground: Convert the unused loft space into a magical playground for your children. Let their imagination soar in a safe and fun environment.
  3. Bedroom: Increase your living space with an extra bedroom. Make room for a growing family or a private guest suite.
  4. Home Office: A dedicated home office is necessary, with remote working on the rise. A loft conversion offers the perfect solution.


From the first step of loft conversion planning in London to the final touches, Fittra takes care of it. 

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Loft Conversion Regulations and Permissions

One of the most common questions is whether planning permission for a loft conversion is required. Under current building regulations, planning permission is not required, provided the proposed plans fall within the permitted development loft conversion definition.


Some of the limits and conditions in place for your project to fall within the permitted development definition include the following:

  • A volume allowance of the additional space which will be created (40 cubic metres for terraced houses, 50 cubic metres for semi-detached and detached houses).
  • Materials used to clad the exterior must be similar in appearance to the existing structure.
  • Any balconies or verandas are not allowed.
  • The structure must not be higher than the highest part of the roof.
  • Any side-facing windows must be glazed, and any side-opening windows must be 1.7 metres above the floor.
  • Roof extensions are not permitted in conservation areas.


Fittra has developed a reputation for being the best loft conversion company in London. We offer clients a free design consultation by qualified and experienced professionals. We strive to ensure that the whole design, planning and build process proceeds smoothly, and is completely stress free for our clients.

Loft Conversion Cost

When it comes to the cost of loft conversions in London, it’s important to remember that every project is unique.


The cost can vary significantly based on the conversion type, the loft size, the location of your house, and the materials used.


  • Velux: Budget-friendly and beautiful, a Velux loft conversion could cost anywhere from £25,000 to £40,000.
  • Mansard: This popular style has an average price range of £45,000 to £70,000, offering considerable extra living space.
  • L-Shaped: Providing ample room for multiple purposes, an L-Shaped conversion could run from £45,000 to £65,000.
  • Hip-to-gable: This style is perfect for semi-detached or detached houses, so expect to pay between £40,000 and £65,000.
  • Dormer: Offering increased head height and space, a Dormer conversion might cost from £40,000 to £60,000.


At Fittra, we believe in full transparency when it comes to the cost loft conversions.


To get a more accurate estimate for your needs, why not schedule a free consultation with us today? Together, we can make your loft conversion dream a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a loft conversion worth it in London?

Absolutely. Loft conversions in London are an ideal way to create additional space without moving homes. Even a low ceiling small loft conversion can significantly transform your home, adding functionality and value. At Fittra, we ensure you reap the maximum benefits from your loft conversion.

How much does a loft conversion cost in London?

The cost varies depending on the type and size of the loft conversion. However, it’s important to note that a modern loft conversion done right can add around 24.5% to your property’s value. With Fittra, your investment is worthwhile as our loft specialists deliver quality conversions tailored to your budget.

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion in London?

Generally, loft conversions fall under ‘permitted development rights,’ but there are exceptions. This could depend on factors such as the house being a new build loft conversion or an east London loft conversion in a conservation area. At Fittra, we handle all building regs for a loft conversion and help with planning permission, ensuring a smooth process.

How long does a loft conversion take?

The duration depends on the complexity of the project. However, careful planning can ensure efficiency, especially with aspects like loft conversion stairs. At Fittra, we work diligently to ensure your loft conversion is completed within a reasonable time frame without compromising quality.

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