Studio appartments renovations in Brompton

  • Full renovation
  • 5 Storeys
  • 10 Studio apartments
  • Shower rooms
  • Built-in kitchen
  • Bespoke wardrobes and bedrooms
  • Crittall glazing
  • Air conditioning
  • Mezzanine bedroom areas

This project features a full renovation of a block of 10 studio apartments within a 5-storey building in the Brompton. Working closely with an investment management company, our goal was to create exceptional living spaces that would attract young, successful professionals.


Each studio apartment was thoughtfully designed to maximise space and functionality, while incorporating stylish and modern elements. The apartments feature bespoke wardrobes and bedroom areas, as well as built-in kitchens and shower rooms. Crittall glazing was added to divide the living and bedroom areas, providing a sleek and contemporary touch.


To ensure maximum comfort, every apartment is equipped with air conditioning, making them ideal for urban living. Mezzanine bedroom areas were added to the top floor apartments, creating additional living space and a unique, loft-like feel.


The final result is a stunning block of apartments that has been skillfully arranged to be compact, stylish, and modern. The uplifting colours and contemporary interior design create an inspiring atmosphere, perfect for the young and successful professionals we had in mind. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident throughout the building, making it an ideal choice for those seeking exceptional living spaces in the city.

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