Want more illumination? Extra views? Increased warmth/ventilation? Flat roof skylight windows can provide all this. And London-based construction firm Fittra will get the job done, whatever your requirements. Let the light shine in on your house with the right choice for you.

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Reasons to buy roof light windows

Living in the UK means cold, grey winters, but roof lights help transform your house during those dreary months. Benefits include:


  • Increased brightness: north/east placement brings in consistent light without much heat
  • Extra warmth: positioned south- or west-facing, the sun’s energy warms the room on cold days
  • Additional ventilation: vented options allow heat to escape, cooling down rooms on hot days
  • Better energy efficiency: additional light reduces use of electric bulbs; solar gain decreases gas/electric heating usage; a ventilating rooflight lessens the need for air conditioning/fans
  • Capturing views: the top of the house often harbours the best vistas, like the sea on the horizon or rolling hills – imagine laying in bed staring at the stars
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Skylights for flat roofs: options

When planning your flat rooflight, think about the following factors:


  • Material:
    • Glass: attractive, clear, scratch-free, various sizes, choose tempered for safety
    • Plastic: lightweight, durable, affordable, standard sizing, many shapes
  • Mechanism: fixed/vented
  • Size: standard/bespoke
  • Position: massive impact on solar gain
    • North/east: primarily no direct sunlight
    • South//west: direct sunlight
  • Shade: blinds/louvers essential to control direct sunlight in summer to reduce heat and bleaching of flooring/furniture, or block out early morning sun in bedrooms
  • Glazing: single/double/triple, insulated low-e glass with argon gas between panes, which is twice as insulating as dual-glazing
  • Style: barrel, bubble, dormer, flat, pyramid, ridge, round
  • Maintenance: easy to clean is vital when views are involved
  • Slope: a sloping roof (rather than flat) requires careful planning and sizing considerations – manufacturers have recommendation charts
  • Permission: building permits may be required, installation must meet codes for load/ wind resistance/etc – we deal with this on your behalf
  • Rating: manufacturers provide numeric measurements for these terms:
    • R-value: glazing’s insulation (resistance to heat flow); higher = better
    • U-value: flow rate from each side (minus solar gain) of glazing/frame; lower = more resistance to heat flow
    • UV blockage: approximate percentage of ultraviolet rays blocked by glazing
    • VLT: Visible Light Transmittance; higher = more natural light (tinted glazing blocks glare and has low VLT)
    • Shading coefficient: solar heat gain through glass; lower = lower gain

Why choose Fittra to install skylights for flat roofs

We have many years experience fitting skylights in London and the UK, working with major suppliers across this country and Europe to provide the best products for your project.


Our professional team works with you throughout, sticking to your budget, advising every step of the way, to make it a stress-free, enjoyable experience.


To discuss possibilities and cost of rooflights for flat roofs, contact us today for a free consultation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of skylight is best for a flat roof?

Usually, dome skylights are acrylic, which is most resistant to hail when dome-shaped. The main advantage of these skylights is that they are inexpensive. Dome skylights can be used on flat roof systems.

How do you pick a skylight size?

The industry standard is a rule of thumb for measuring for skylights, not a hard-and-fast rule. Multiply the width and height of the skylight to determine its square footage, and compare that total to the recommended size.

Can a skylight be too big?

A too big size skylight will let more light in, which may disrupt your sleeping patterns. As for heat, a skylight that is too big may allow too much heat in the summer, and could even let too much heat out in the winter.

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