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Introduction to Front House Extensions

Extending your house to the front can be the best option if you struggle with limited interior space but have a spacious front lawn. Also, it might be the best choice for people planning a home renovation to overcome the struggle with design aesthetics.

You must follow several planning rules and guidelines when planning to extend to front-of-house extensions. Therefore, understanding the limits can help you push the design to maximize space utilization.

Are you confused with the guidelines and don’t know how to proceed? This article will help you understand everything about front house extensions and how to get started with your front extension project. 

What is a Front House Extension?

A front house extension, commonly known as a porch, allows you to add some flexible, useable space on the front of your house. This allows you to create a space free from other external elements while adding a traditional and aesthetic touch to your house.

Although the front house extensions are commonly referred to as porches, they can be used for various purposes, including creating a new living space, enlarging the living room, creating a new garage, and even creating a multipurpose activity room. 

Benefits of Extending the Front of Your House

front extension

Building an extension to the front of the house comes with a wide range of advantages. Some of the key benefits include:

Enhancing Property Value

Adding more space and extra square footage to your home can increase the property’s market value. With the rising accommodation crisis and property prices, it can be a great investment that can provide considerable returns in the future. 

Additional Living Space

If you need additional room for your growing family or a dedicated home office, extending to the front of your house can be a great option. This can transform how you utilize the spaces within your home and greatly improve your quality of life. 

Customized Design Options

Unlike other extension options available in the market, extending the front of the house has a lot of flexibility. You can customize the designs and plans to create a space that integrates with the existing layout and style. 

Key Considerations for Planning Your Front Extension

can you extend front of house uk

Before getting started with the plans and front extension project for your house, here are some of the key considerations you should watch out for. 

Can You Extend the Front of Your House?

Yes, it is possible to extend to the front of your house. However, depending on your plans and layouts, you might need planning permission to start the project. In addition, it is advisable to check in with the local law regulations to see if the design plans adhere to the safety standards. It is necessary to ensure the legality of construction. 

Understanding Local Regulations

Different localities and councils in the UK have different regulations and guidelines. Here are some general guidelines for house extension in London:

  • The size of the house and modification should not exceed the land around the house
  • Material choice aligns with the existing layout and theme of the house
  • You cannot modify or build under permitted development rights if the house is near a public highway.

Front Extension Rules and Regulations

The front house extension rules, regulations, and requirements set forth for planning permission and permitted development rights are as follows:

Planning Permission Requirements

Planning permission is mandatory if you build outside permitted development rights. Planning permission is usually required if you are making some considerable changes that can affect the house’s structural integrity. 

You must submit the detailed plans and layout to the permission committee for approval. The process for planning permission can take about 12 weeks to complete, so planning is crucial to meet the completion timeline. 

Permitted Development for Front Extensions

Front extension permitted development allows you to:

  • Make a single-storey extension
  • Extend the house up to a maximum of 3m from the original house.

Permitted development front extension does not allow you to:

  • Build onto the front of a road (public highways).
  • Build more than half the width of the original house.
  • Change the materials for construction from the original house.
  • Make structural changes to the house.
  • Build more than the height of the existing house.

Additionally, you will need planning permission if the planned extension is near a public highway (either by the front or by the side)

Designing Your Front House Extension

front of house extension

The front extension opens up many possibilities, allowing you to explore personalization while maximizing space utilization. You could create a closed private space for comfort or open up your house to improve socializing. 

Creative Front Extension Design Ideas

You can make use of a glass-fronted extension to improve the natural lighting. These extensions are well known to appreciate the natural, panoramic view. 

You can also experiment with canopy and bay windows to make it a flexible room with sufficient space. It can be helpful if you want to convert it into a multi-purpose room with many uses. 

Maximizing Space and Aesthetics

To maximize the space and aesthetics, it is advisable to consider the existing design and make design modifications based on the current layout. You can also try complimenting your house’s aesthetic beauty by using modern artistic models and sustainable choices in the design. 

In addition, the aesthetic choices should not hinder the model’s functionality. The original design intentions should be preserved while making the final design choices.

Material and Style Selection

Material choices and style selection have a long-term impact on the design plans, as these choices highly influence the legal aspects and scope of permitted development rights. Therefore, the style and material choices should be considered before finalizing the design ideas. 

Going with sustainable choices will allow you to maximize the eco-friendliness of the house while reducing the carbon footprint associated with your home. These choices can also improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

Navigating Legalities and Permissions

permitted development front extension

Although you are legally eligible to extend your house, the legality and paperwork needed for that can depend on many factors. Here are the key aspects with respect to planning permission and permitted development rights that you should be aware of:

Obtaining Planning Permission for Front Extensions

Since adding a house front extension can change your home’s view and other structural aspects, you will most likely need official planning permission. It will be necessary if your house is located near a public highway. 

This involves submitting detailed plans, drawings, and other assessments and fees to the local office. Processing the application and getting final approval can take up to 12 weeks.  

Permitted Development Rights for Front House Extensions

Permitted development rights allow you to create extensions less than the height of your existing house. In addition to these, there are several guidelines like:

  • The 45-degree rule
  • Less than 3 meters build to the front of the house
  • No material changes to the existing house
  • No structural changes to the house

The ’45-Degree’ Rule and Its Implications

The 45-degree rule specifies that if the building extension in front of the house exceeds the plane made by the side wall of your property and the middle of the nearest front or rear window at an angle of 45 degrees, it would require planning permission.

The 45-degree rule has been established to ensure you are not blocking the neighbor’s view and access to natural lighting. These factors can be important in ensuring the neighbor’s privacy and lighting. 

Budgeting and Costs

can you extend the front of your house

The budgeting and exact cost of a house extension front can vary depending on a wide range of factors. Therefore, it is advisable to make an accurate estimate by considering all the relevant factors and unexpected costs to get an accurate idea.

How Much Does a Front Extension Cost?

Since the exact cost for a front extension can vary depending on the location, material use, and design preference, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate. However, the cost for a front house extension usually ranges between £1,500 and £3000 per square metre.

While calculating the budget and cost for an extension, you should consider the planning permission expenses, inflation, building regulations cost, final fixtures, and finishing and hiring costs. 

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Extension

If you are on a budget and are planning to go for cost-effective solutions for your extension, you can use a simple design that reflects your passion for sustainability. Sustainable solutions can help you make changes and substitutions that can help you reduce the expenditure in the long run. 

Eco-friendly design choices and sustainable materials can help you reduce the cost of gathering materials, reduce energy expenditure, and improve energy efficiency. These factors can help you save money in the long term. 

Choosing Fittra for Your Front Extension Project

While choosing a construction company in london for your extension project, you should be careful about the resources and expertise they have. House extension can be a skillful task that can overhaul the design of your house. Therefore, careful planning amd execution is necessary. 

If you are wondering why Fittra should be your ultimate choice here are a few reasons why.

Why Choose Fittra: Your Trusted Construction Partner in West London

Fittra is a construction company based in london that can offer you the ultimate stress-free experience in all aspects. Fittra has the resources and experience to help you with all kinds of projects despite the scope and scale. In addition, Fittra has NHBC registration and a comprehensive set of services to ensure you don’t need a second opinion. 

NHBC-Registered and Experienced

Fittra is registered with the National House Building Council and has a great reputation in the market. Fittra has gained unique experience and expertise among other builders by partnering with many customers struggling to turn their design ideas into a reality. 

Comprehensive Range of Services

Fittra offers comprehensive services ranging from house renovation and extension to building a new house from the ground. Despite the scale and scope of the project, Fittra has immense resources and deep connections to pull off the impossible.

Advantages of Working with Fittra

Deciding to partner with Fittra comes with a wide range of advantages. Some of the important benefits of working with Fittra include:

End-to-End Construction Solutions

Fittra offers the help of a streamlined process along with a dedicated team that can help you achieve the desired results without having to go through a hectic proposition. Fittra features a transparent approach to ensure that all the issues, problems, and benefits are conveyed to the customer before they can make an informed decision. 

Such enhanced service quality and team building have always helped improve Fittra’s reputation as a construction company. 

Customer-Centric Approach and Satisfaction

Fittra is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by going above and beyond in all aspects. All the design plans and features are compiled by focusing on the requirements and concerns raised by the client. 

Competitive Pricing and Trade Discounts

As a company with years of experience, we understand our clients’ budget constraints and the struggles they encounter while planning the budget. To ensure ease and reduce your efforts, we have created a competitive pricing strategy to improve the financial benefits our clients receive. 

We offer trade discounts to improve the pricing plan and to remain competitive in the market. 


By carefully planning and optimizing the design, you can transform your dream house into a reality. Even with all the regulations, with the help of an experienced building partner, your design ideas can be turned into a reality. 

Embarking on Your Front House Extension Journey with Confidence

Before starting the construction project, understand the delays, time constraints, and budget restrictions. It is important to account for the delays and expenditures before starting the project. 

These careful estimations and overseeing can help you balance the extension project without suffering a great loss. Such issues with budgeting and timelines can be avoided by using experienced construction companies like Fittra.


What are the common challenges faced during a front house extension project?

Some common challenges faced during a front house extension include the difficulty in getting planning permission, staying within the budget, and gathering materials for the construction. 

How long does it typically take to complete a front house extension?

A single-storey extension can take between 8 and 12 weeks, while a double-storey extension can take up to 6 and 12 months. The timeline can vary depending on the location, materials used, and the design complexity.  

Can front house extensions impact neighboring properties, and how is this managed?

Yes, foreshadowing the property, infringing on their privacy, and preventing them from accessing pathways or driveways. You can manage these by ensuring adherence to the 45-degree rule and by openly communicating about the issues with the neighbor.

What are eco-friendly options for a front house extension?

The eco-friendly options that you can consider for a house extension include using recycled materials and energy-efficient fixtures and materials to improve thermal and energy efficiency. 

How does a front house extension affect home insurance and property taxes?

Front house extensions and any form of renovations add more value to the property, and therefore, based on the reestimation, the home insurance and property taxes can increase considerably. 





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