Renovation Properties for Sale

renovation property for sale

Investing in properties can be the best decision for those willing to increase their number of assets, achieve financial growth, or simply make a future home. Mainly, if you aim to purchase a renovation property for sale, there are several benefits attached to this investment. The best advantage of investing in houses that need renovation for sale lies in the freedom to make construction changes and turn an old property into an eye-catching contemporary home with increased real estate value.

If you are investing in a property in need of renovation for the first time, your decision can open doors to many new opportunities, like re-building a luxurious home from scratch and selling it for much higher prices. Another significant advantage of investing in a renovation property is its low cost. With the proper research and gathering information about properties on sale in the best locations across London and the UK, you can buy a property with potential of higher re-sale value after renovation. 

Instead of investing in a highly-priced new build, you can consider low-value houses needing renovation. Read further to learn more about the potential of renovation properties and the best properties for sale across the UK.

Brief Overview of the Appeal of Renovation Properties

Run-down or neglected houses and buildings are valuable property investment because they allow you to breathe new life into them. There is a sense of satisfaction attached to upgrading and renovating properties, which not only helps real estate owners preserve the property’s historic significance but also increases its market value. 

renovation houses for sale

Every time you invest in renovation properties for sale, you become a part of an exciting DIY project where you can utilize your ideas and imagination the most. Thus, renovating properties takes you through a fulfilling journey of converting neglected buildings into lively renovations. 

Introduction to the Concept of Property with Potential

Most homeowners and real estate enthusiasts may not consider houses in need of renovation for sale as an ideal financial investment in the first place. However, in reality, renovation properties are investments with much higher profit potential. A property for sale in need of renovation gives you the freedom to convert a neglected space into a remarkable building with alluring market value. 

It sure does take hard work to transform run-down buildings into eye-catching properties, but the results are always fulfilling. The higher valuation after renovation can mark the beginning of your remarkable real estate investment journey. 

Explore Our Top Picks for Renovation Properties for Sale

Looking for the best options to invest in renovation property for sale in the most convenient locations of London and across England? Explore our top picks that have a higher potential for resale. 

Houses That Need Renovation for Sale Near You

If your focus is to find the best renovation properties in London and several popular locations in England, you must take a look at these incredible properties below that await buyers like you. 

Semi-Detached House for Sale in Wotton Road, London NW2

property with potential

An incredible semi-detached house situated in a very convenient location in North London, this renovation property is within walking distance from Gladstone Park. Priced at £6,000,000, this house has cedar fences, electric gates, 7,000 sq ft of working or living space, and an additional 5,700 sq ft area for residence and upper two levels. The unique features of this property include the following:

  • South-facing terraces
  • Large parking and workspaces
  • Staircase
  • Open-plan studio
  • Indoor grill 
  • Suite bedrooms and interconnecting bathrooms

1-Bedroom Apartment in Tooting, Wandsworth

houses that need renovation for sale near me

A beautiful 601 sq ft apartment situated in Glenburnie Road SW17, this property is an ideal choice for small families. The apartment has a premium open-plan kitchen and living, a cozy bedroom on the first floor, electrically-operated roofing lights, and features double height ceilings. This apartment is available in an exciting £17,000 move-in package.

5-Bedroom Semi-Detached House in Faraday Avenue, Bexley, Southeast London

run down properties for sale

Priced at  £575,000, this five-bedroom renovated property is situated at a prime location in Faraday Avenue, Sidcup, Greater London area. This property has two floors and is seeking a renovation project to reach its full potential. The unique features of this property are:

  • A spacious garage
  • Spacious entrance hall
  • Large doors and windows
  • A cloakroom on the ground floor
  • Decent sized garden

Terraced House for Sale in Charles Street, Mayfair, London

houses to renovate

One of the best locations in London to purchase a property, this terraced house on Charles Street, situated on the Southeast corner of Berkeley Square, is priced at £8,950,000. The property is in need of renovation and features:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Five bathrooms
  • Two reception rooms
  • Surrounded by greenery

Run Down Properties for Sale: A Hidden Gem Waiting for You

If you want to invest in properties that need renovations, then worry not because there are numerous options available across the city of London, its nearby areas, and many other convenient locations in England. You can pick the best properties from a variety of options, such as small apartments, fancy flats, bungalows, and mansions.

Mansion in Stanton, Broadway, Gloucestershire

houses for renovation

Do you dream of purchasing run down properties away from the city’s crowd? Then this stunning mansion in Stanton, Broadway, at Gloucestershire, is your biggest bargain. Priced at a whopping £14,000,000, this mansion is a Jacobean Manor House with historic importance and higher resale value. The key features of this breathtaking property are:

  • Ten bedrooms
  • Seven reception rooms
  • Four cottages
  • A cricket pitch
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Grade II listing
  • Indoor pool

Bungalow in Emsworth

properties to renovate

This property features a beautiful three-bedroom bungalow with lush green surroundings. The property is a walking distance from Marina Foreshore, Emsworth Harbour, and the beach. Ample garden space, well-connected roads, and a nearby railway station make this property an excellent investment. This beautiful bungalow is priced at £700,000 and is seeking renovation projects.  

Flat for Sale in Notting Hill Gate, Chelsea

property for renovation

A beautiful flat for sale in the prime location of Notting Hill Gate, this property needs minimal renovation as it is well-maintained. Priced at £8,250,000, this flat has a triplex design, an open plan kitchen and living, a principal suite bedroom, two more cozy bedrooms, a family bathroom, a lift facility, and access to a rooftop terrace. 

A Family Home in St. Saviour, London 

property in need of renovation

Named La Chasse, an incredible stone-made family home with an outdoor pool awaits your purchase. Situated in St. Saviour countryside and priced at £7,500,000, this family home has great privacy with lush green surroundings and is located at a walking distance from St. Michaels Preparatory School. This property is the epitome of functionality and luxury and requires minor renovation. 

Properties to Renovate: Your Dream Project Awaits

Your dream renovation project awaits in prime locations in the UK. Find out the best commercial and residential properties with higher profit potential from the listings below: 

Commercial Property for Sale in Cockermouth

renovation property for sale near me

If you are seeking commercial properties in England, Cockermouth is an ideal location. This property is a castle brewery and preserves a rich history of the English brewery tradition. The total area of the property is  1.73 acres with buildings spread over  63,000 sqft area. 

12-Bedroom Detached House in Linton, Kent

rundown houses for sale

Your dream renovation property awaits in the stunning landscape of Linton, Kent. This 12-bedroom breathtaking house is priced at a whopping £32,000,000 and is situated in an incredible location with lush green surroundings. 

Commercial Property for Sale in Victoria Street, Derby

renovation properties for sale

Situated at the heart of Derby City Centre, this stunning commercial property is priced at £595,000 and open to renovation projects. 

Castle in Lostwithiel, Cornwall

houses in need of renovation

Ever dreamt of owning a castle? This Grade II listed castle at  Lostwithiel, Cornwall, can make your dream come true. The property is priced between £800,000 – £950,000 and is in search of renovation projects. 

Why Choose a Renovation Property?

There cannot just be a single reason for choosing a property that needs renovation over a newly built construction. There are several benefits attached to the financial investments you make on run-down or neglected properties. 

Benefits of Investing In Houses for Renovation

According to several reliable surveys, investing in properties needing renovation is the new trend among real estate enthusiasts. And the significant reasons behind these rising demands for renovated properties are:

  • Affordability

Buying properties that need renovation is much more affordable than brand-new ones. For first-time buyers suffering from budget-related issues, neglected properties are the best investments. 

  • Personalization

The most incredible perk of investing in houses for renovation is an open opportunity to personalize the property as you wish. You can add a personal touch and transform it into the most alluring property for sale. 

  • Potential Profit

Undoubtedly, properties that undergo renovation have higher market value. So, all your investments will be well-spent as the valuation of the property after renovation is always high. 

Potential for Customization and Personalization

If you are a fan of DIY, you must consider investing in a house in need of renovation. These properties are open to customizations; therefore, when choosing renovation projects, you can always add a personal touch to the property. You can explore your creative self the most by designing the renovation plan and transforming a run-down property into a luxurious one. 

Renovation Properties Across the UK: A Regional Guide

The UK features a wide variety of properties in all of its regions. From England and Scotland to the lush green beauty of highlands in Wales, you can find your dream renovation properties in the most scenic and convenient locations of the UK from the listings below. 

Renovation Houses for Sale in England

There are several renovation properties for sale in England across countryside locations and cities. Find out the best bargains below: 

Detached House in Ibstock

houses for renovation for sale

This detached house in Ibstock is an incredible choice for those willing to invest in countryside mansions. This property is built in a private location, is open to renovation projects, and is priced at £750,000. 

Detached House in Warwicks Bench, Surrey

houses that need renovation for sale

Another incredible option in England is this stunning detached house in Warwicks Bench, Surrey. This beautiful property is priced at £5,000,000 and requires little renovations. The property boasts seven bedrooms, four reception rooms, four bathrooms, a spacious garden, and a large parking area. It is spread across 0.80 acres. 

Scotland’s Hidden Treasures: Renovation Properties for Sale

Undoubtedly, Scotland is an ideal location in the UK to purchase properties; some of the best renovation properties you can consider are: 

5-Bedroom House for Sale in Lairg, Highland

renovation property

A stunning countryside home in Lairg, Highland, this property is priced at £500,000 and has five bedrooms. Named Sydney House, this property is a timeless gem situated at the heart of Sutherland. This captivating beauty of the 1880s is open to renovation projects. 

3-Bedroom Detached Bungalow in Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh

houses for sale in need of renovation

Edinburgh is an ideal location in Scotland to find the best renovation properties, like this three-bedroom bungalow situated at Davidson’s Mains. This beautiful south-facing bungalow is priced at £575,000 and is open to renovation projects. 

Wales: Discover Your Next Renovation Project

If you love the countryside and the highlands, Wales is home to the most stunning renovation properties at prices much cheaper than those in England and Scotland. Find your ideal property from the list below: 

5-Bedroom Detached House in Cardiff, South Glamorgan

houses to renovate near me

Surrounded by stunning landscapes, this five-bedroom detached house in Cardiff is your dream come true. Open to renovation projects, this beautiful property is priced at £3,200,000 and was built during the 1600s. 

Detached House for Sale in Llanfrynach, Brecon, Powys

houses for sale that need renovation

Another breathtaking renovation property to consider, this detached Grade II listed Georgian Gothic Manor house can be your ideal choice. Spread across 17.5 acres of land, this property features stunning Gothic architecture, has six bedrooms, lush green surroundings, and is priced at £3,250,000. This house is named Ty Mawr and is situated in the beautiful village of Llanfrynach, which is just 3.4 miles away from the biggest market of Brecon. 

Renovation Advice and Tips

When deciding to renovate a property, there are several vital factors that you must pay attention to. From the house renovation cost to fulfilling the legal formalities, every step taken is crucial and affects the final results. Several real estate investors love to purchase run down properties for sale because they have excellent profit potential, but the most minor mistakes can decrease the value of the property or lead to unwanted results. 

houses for renovation near me

Best Practices for Tackling a Renovation Project

Tackling a renovation project can be challenging because of the architectural changes that need to be incorporated. From changing dangerous water, HVAC systems, and electricity lines to breaking down walls and ceilings that are in ruins, most renovation projects involve various risk factors. The chipping of paints, the corroded flooring, and everything else make the atmosphere inside unfit for living. Renovations not only fix breaks and cracks but also restore air quality and hygiene. This is why every step taken in a renovation project must be a cautious decision.  Here are the best practices for tackling these projects: 

  • Have a Detailed Renovation Plan

A detailed plan is the backbone of a renovation project. Every little change required in the property must be listed clearly in the plan; this also helps define clear goals and avoid confusion during the building process. Detailed plans also help project managers explain the requirements to their team of architects and designers. 

  • Decide on the Budget

Budget is a crucial factor in a renovation project. By setting a specific budget in mind, it becomes easier to stay on track and avoid overspending. The results of renovations also greatly rely on the budget. The more you want to spend, the more luxurious the property becomes. However, it is not always necessary to have a higher budget plan. 

  • Pick a Trustworthy Construction Partner

The key to turning your renovation ideas and imaginations into reality is within the hands of your construction partner; therefore, picking the right one is mandatory. A trustworthy and reliable construction partner will take every measure required to complete your renovation project on time and deliver high-standard results. When choosing a construction partner, the years of experience and successful client testimonials ease your job of finding the ideal one. 

  • Cross-check Legal Formalities

Every renovation project has to go through several legal formalities, from seeking permission from authorities to signing a contract with your construction partner. You must make sure all the legal formalities are fulfilled before the building process begins; otherwise, a lack of proper documents can lead you to legal troubles during site inspections led by local authorities. 

  • Introduce Contemporary Features

During a renovation project, it is crucial to consider several contemporary features that not only increase property value but also enhance the standard of living. Contemporary features like intelligent technologies, energy efficiency, high-quality, sustainable materials, and eco-friendly options like low-VOC paints make renovated properties more valuable. 

  • Prioritize Safety

Maintaining safety standards in a renovation project is of utmost importance. You must ensure that your construction partner is aware of and follows all the safety protocols that are mandatory in a construction area.  

  • Think of the Future

While planning a renovation project, your focus should be not only on the present but also on the betterment of the future. From considering energy efficiency to sustainable materials, you must introduce contemporary features that lead you to a tension-free future. 

How to Evaluate a Property for Renovation

Evaluating run down properties for sale is one of the most significant tasks before beginning the renovation process. Evaluations help set a budget for the renovation project and determine the valuation after the completion of the project. Therefore, the right way of evaluating the value of houses for renovation is by calculating the current value of the home before renovation plus the cost of the planned renovation. 

The combined sum is the property value, but crucial factors like real estate prices in that area, market conditions, planned improvements, and other similar factors play a significant role in the evaluation process. 

Why Fittra? Your Trusted Partner in Construction and Renovation

A leading and most trusted Construction Company Fittra is your ideal partner when renovating your residential or commercial properties. If you have recently purchased renovation houses for sale, you can partner with us to design and execute the best renovation projects.

Fittra: Your Most Convenient Construction Company in West London

Situated in West London, Fittra has more than ten years of experience in the industry. Fittra’s quality-focused approach has helped to deliver budget-friendly house renovation services to residential and commercial property owners across London. If you seek home refurbishment and renovation services from an expert team, Fittra is your most convenient choice. 

What Fittra Can Do for You

An NHBC-registered and licensed company, Fittra can help you with house renovations and extensions, new builds, larger or smaller extensions, and much more. The comprehensive services of Fittra can help your dream projects come to life. If you have recently purchased a rundown property for sale, you can expect expert guidance and top-notch end-to-end solutions from Fittra. The team of experts can help you design and implement various trending renovation ideas to make your investment worth it. 

The Fittra Advantage: Why Choose Us for Your Renovation Project

Amongst the crowd of hundreds of companies offering house renovation in London, Fittra stands out for its commitment to delivering projects that meet high standards. Fittra is your ideal construction partner for your dream renovation projects, as its team consists of skilled professionals with decades of experience.

From managing directors and project managers to skilled architects and designers, Fittra’s exceptional team listens carefully to your requirements and designs construction plans accordingly. The experts also ensure that the results are top-notch.  

How to Get Started with Your Renovation Project with Fittra

Fittra follows a very straightforward procedure when choosing their renovation services. The process of starting with a renovation process begins with expert interaction and consultation and ends with discussions after project completion. A few simple steps will help you get your renovation ideas accepted at Fittra and convert them into a project of utmost importance. Fittra values each customer’s requirement and commits to meeting their expectations. 

Steps to Engage Fittra for Your Renovation Project, from Initial Consultation to Project Completion

Fittra has a step-by-step renovation process for its clients. The process begins with an initial consultation where the clients connect with an expert and discuss their requirements. A part of the initial consultation is also a site meeting, where the expert visits your site to discuss architectural designs and answer all your questions.

The following steps in Fittra’s renovation process include providing a proposal for your project and making decisions about the construction and the time that will be dedicated. The final step is the execution of the building process and the completion of the renovation project on time. After completion, project managers ensure the final results meet high standards, and you get a warranty and other vital certificates. 


The decision to invest in a newly built home or a property for renovation is entirely on you. But if you choose the latter, you can incorporate your ideas and designs into these properties and get a higher resale value.

Summarizing the Potential and Appeal of Renovation Properties

The greatest perks are attached to renovation properties. You can purchase properties in need of renovation at much lower prices than a brand-new construction and make the most of it. By targeting properties that require extensive renovation, you can boost your potential profit margin and utilize your budget in the best possible ways. 
With proper research on the property and calculations on how much renovation is required, you can welcome new opportunities by investing and selling real estate in the best locations in London and across the UK. Contact us for more information about budget-friendly house renovation services.





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