How To Renovate A House On Budget


Constructing a new house demands both time and substantial financial investment, leading many homeowners to opt for renovations instead. Renovating can address safety concerns, modernize the property, and enhance its overall value. Despite these benefits, some individuals are reluctant to undertake renovations on properties that require it, often deterred by the perception of high costs associated with home remodeling.

Are you working with a tight budget and want to know the best ways for renovating a house on a budget UK? Read through this article to the end as we’ve outlined effective strategies for home renovation without overspending. We’ve gathered insights and tips to help you make the most of your budget for an effective and affordable home makeover.

Cheap Ways to Renovate a House 

If you want to know how to modernise a house on a budget UK, here are some of the cost-effective home renovation ideas. 

  • Repaint your walls and ceilings to create a new look 
  • Add lighting in all rooms for a better ambience 
  • Replace old or worn-out cabinet hardware 
  • Use carpet to cover old flooring 
  • Change the backsplash in the kitchen   
  • Add curtains, blinds, or other window treatment options 
  • Use old furniture to create a faux island in the kitchen 
  • Add built-in storage shelves for extra storage 
  • Hang DIY artwork or display decor items that go well with the interior of your house. 
  • Add removable wallpaper to your walls, cabinets, etc. 

The Most Popular Rooms To Renovate 

The kitchen is one of the top rooms for remodelling if you want to renovate home on a budget. You can DIY simple renovations like upgrading cabinets, adding backsplash, etc. Bathrooms are also popular rooms to renovate in a house where you can install extra storage, add wallpaper, etc. 

There are also many homeowners who want to renovate their living room by adding new furniture, installing lighting, adding artwork, etc. Exterior renovations like installing a patio, replacing the fence, etc., are also relatively popular but a little expensive. 

Kitchen Renovation Tips 

If you choose kitchen refurbishment, here are some of the best ways you can renovate your existing kitchen area into a modern kitchen. 

1. Change the Backsplash 

Replacing the backsplash is one of the cheapest ways to remodel your kitchen on a budget. There are different material options, like ceramic, glass, tile, stone, beaded board, etc. Changing the backsplash will improve the look of your kitchen and add more value to your house. In addition to that, you do not have to clean the kitchen excessively.  

2. Add a Faux Island 

Having a kitchen island is great as it provides an additional seating area and extra space for putting items. However, installing a real kitchen island can be costly. So, it is best to renovate your kitchen by adding a free-standing kitchen cart or a table with a countertop to create a faux island.

3. Upgrade Cabinets or Cabinet Doors 

You can upgrade the cabinets in your kitchen area, which is a very cost-effective and DIY kitchen renovation project. For instance, if your existing cabinets are in great condition, but the external surface has scratches or other visible damage, it is best to paint the cabinets. 

You can add wallpapers or peel-and-stick wood products to the cabinets. If you want, you can also replace the old cabinet doors and install new doors that suit your renovated cabinets. 

Living Room Refurbishment 

The living room is the area where your family and even guests spend most of the time, so it is best to renovate it to make the area look stunning. 

1. Change Window Treatments 

If you want to renovate your living room quickly without spending much money, then changing the window treatments is one of the best choices. With window treatment, you can also conceal old windows, which can be an expensive remodelling project. For more natural light, you can choose blinds or sheer curtains. If you prefer a darker living room without too much light, you can install shutters or blackout curtains. 

2. In the Living Room: Install Dimmers 

You can use dimmers to add ambience, which will also improve the look and feel of your living room. For example, you can install lights that will provide a bright aura during the daytime. You can change it to ambient lighting that creates a cosy and soft atmosphere perfect for evening and nighttime. 

Bathroom Renovation Solutions 

If you want to renovate your bathroom, here are some of the best bathroom renovation solutions that you can do on a budget. 

1. Add a Medicine Cabinet 

Install a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, which gives storage space and also makes the area look organized. You can choose wall-mounted or portable cabinets and store first-aid and personal hygiene products. In addition to that, installing a mirrored medicine cabinet is a great idea as you do not have to add a separate mirror.

2. Wallpaper an Accent Wall 

Adding wallpaper to the bathroom walls is one of the cheap ways to renovate a house. Depending on your needs, you can choose the wallpaper that suits your bathroom. For instance, if you want a dreamy and fresh look, you can use floral or pastel wallpapers. If you want a simple yet strong look, you can buy bold-patterned wallpapers. Add the wallpaper to the wall and peel them off when you want to change it. 

3. Add Storage 

If there is not enough storage space in your bathroom, it may look cluttered with bathing and hygiene products all over the place. To avoid this, install open shelves, apothecary cabinets, or any other off-the-shelf storage option to get more storage area. You can enhance vertical space and also put products on top of the shelves. 

4. Swap Out Hardware 

If you have cabinets or shelves in the bathroom, it is best to replace the hardware to create a fresh look. You can remove the old cabinet knobs and install stylish knobs. If there are drawers, you can replace the handles. These minor renovations will make your bathroom look much better and neater. 

5. Safety Updates 

If you want to renovate your bathroom and make it much safer, it is best to install non-slippery flooring or add floor mats to avoid slip-and-fall incidents. You can also add certified clothing bars, toilet paper holders, and many more. In addition to that, install a nightlight for better visibility. 


What room to renovate first in the house? 

According to experts, it is better to renovate your kitchen first than other rooms in your house. However, you can renovate the room as per your priority as well because some homeowners want to remodel their bathroom first. 

Is renovation cheaper than buying a house? 

Yes. In most cases, renovation is comparatively cheaper than purchasing a new house. However, if your old house is not in good condition and needs major renovations, then buying a new house might be an affordable option.  

Is there a company that can renovate my room for me? 

Fittra is an experienced house construction company that can renovate your room and also help you understand how to budget for a house renovation. From house refurbishment and room renovation to house extension, Fittra offers various services. 





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