Benefits of Employing a Contractor to Renovate your House


So, you’ve made the decision to renovate your house, to keep up to date with the latest designs, to remodel your kitchen, or perhaps to build an extension to your house. The next decision is to decide how best to proceed with turning your renovation plans into a reality.

Some people may be tempted to organize the renovation themselves. Perhaps the homeowner has some creative ideas as to how to renovate their home and does not feel that they need to hire a professional contractor for the work.  Or, maybe they consider that they are experts in DIY, and can handle some of the work themselves, and just hire certain specialist professionals to carry out work they are unable to, such as a plumber or electrician.

However, there are numerous reasons why you should not give into the temptation to carry out or supervise the renovation yourself, but employ a professional building contractor to ensure a smooth and successful building project, which will be delivered on time, and on budget.

A one-stop shop for your renovation

An experienced contractor will provide a one-stop shop for your renovation project and will be able to provide all of the necessary elements for the success of your project, from the initial design stage to instructing architects or planning consultants, through to supervising all building work, plumbing, electrical, painting and decorating.

A reputable contractor will also deal with all the necessary paperwork and approvals needed for your project, in addition to providing you with a detailed schedule of works and a written quote for the project. Fittra is a high-end property renovation specialist and can assist you at every stage of the renovation process, from initial consultation to the design and planning stages, through to supervising all of the construction work.

Another key benefit of employing a contractor to renovate your house is that you will have a single point of contact for all the renovation work. Whatever the issue, then your point of contact will be with the contractor, who will be on hand to deal with any issue as it arises.  Contrast this with the situation of managing the project yourself, where you will be constantly dealing with various sub-contractors such as plumbers, electricians, architects, painters etc.

Professional and insured services

By using a reputable and experienced contractor, you are guaranteed professional service.  Moreover, the contractor will offer professional liability insurance, so that in the rare case of anything going wrong, any losses will be covered by insurance. On the other hand, if you undertake the work yourself, or employ various sub-contractors if a problem arises, then there is no guarantee that the loss or damage will be covered by insurance.

Save time and money to renovate your house

In the long run, employing a contractor to carry out your building project will save you money. A contractor will have expertise in managing complex house renovation projects and will know when each contractor is required, and how long the job for each sub-contractor should last.

Contractors are experts in managing time, keeping everything running smoothly, and avoiding unnecessary delays. So you save time and money by employing the expertise of a professional project manager who will ensure that no time or money is wasted on the inefficient use of sub-contractors.

Fittra uses a network of trusted professionals that we have worked with over many years, thus ensuring a high quality of work at a reasonable price. And because of these trusted relationships, we can often be able to negotiate discounts on behalf of the client.

A contractor can provide modern and bespoke design services

Another key benefit of using a contractor is that whatever your renovation project, an experienced contractor will put together a bespoke team of experts to match your specific requirements. If particular expertise is required, then they will know exactly who to call to carry out the work to the highest standards.

Fittra is a specialist high-end design and renovation company and will add value to your project by offering you the most advanced and modern renovation designs and offering guidance to make the most of your renovation project, in accordance with your budget.

An experienced company will have supervised dozens, if not hundreds of projects, and are experts in maximizing space and coming up with creative solutions for any problem that may arise during a complex renovation.

Therefore, if you want peace of mind for your house renovation project, then get in touch with Fittra, who will put together a team of experts for your project, and make your house renovation dream become a reality.





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