House renovations with Modern Makeover in Maidenhead

  • Steel works
  • New Electric
  • New Plumbing
  • Wallpaper throughout
  • New rear patio
  • Joinery
  • Carpentry
  • Jib doors
  • Aluminium Windows
  • Aluminium Doors
  • Air conditioning
  • Painting
  • Decorating

This refurbishment project was absolutely thrilling to accomplish, with a solid team of interior designers and a delightful, intelligible client. Although the 1980s house was structurally complex, with heavy concrete planks in the original structure, as opposed to traditional wood, our team managed to support the existing structures and integrate new features to modernise the antique aesthetic.


We worked closely with our interior designers to perfect the layout and resolve any minor modifications suggested by the client. All windows and doors were renewed and aluminium, as was the guttering and downpipes, in order to keep consistent with the quality of this unique residence. The new bespoke joinery, with a decor that remained harmonious throughout the entire house, had been perfected to accommodate the client’s recreations, such as storing music collections.


The rear end of the house had significant re-modifications: all original bay windows were removed and replaced with new glass sliding doors, through which light permeated into the living area. New electric and plumbing gave room for a contemporary lifestyle, such as smart lights. Whilst the bones of the house remained, its internal structures were given a refresh.  Overall we felt extremely honoured to work alongside our partners and contribute to such a beautiful house in Maidenhead.

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